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List of witnesses of project 'Memory and the History of Totalitarian Regimes'

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Danuše Augsbergerová (1931)

born 1931 in Libochovice childhood in Žatec 1938, after the Sudetes were annexed, moved to Libochovice throughout war, lived in Libochovice 1945, Libochovice liberated by the Red Army June 1948, participated in the All-Sokol Rally attended grammar school, ... arrows 

Miloš Blažek (1926)

born 7th May 1926 1937 , member of the Scout organisation Legio Angelica took his Scout Promise shortly before the signing of the Munich Agreement during the Prague Revolt, worked in charity after the war, leader of the 318th Scout Troop, co-founder of the ... arrows 

Pavel Döllinger (1949)

born June 21, 1949 learned to be a cook – worked in various positions in cafeterias scout, passed through several troops, co-founded and led several of them, especially in the 1970s interrogated by the Secret Police because of his work with young people in ... arrows 

Jiří Felix (1931)

Born on February 21, 1931 Witnessed ethnic hatred between children in Most (German children throwing stones at Czech school kids) Family stories about German violence on Czech police officers After the Munich Treaty, at seven years old, he and his mother were ... arrows 

Zora Gallová, roz. Kučerová (1928)

born 10 January 1928 1938, the family was evicted from Bílovice near Ostrava (part of the Sudetes) during WW2, the family lived in Bučovice near Brno 1945, experienced Allied air raids and the passing of the German and Russian armies over Bučovice 1947, ... arrows 

Václav Jakeš (1923) video clip available

born 1923 in Branišovice near Milevsko from a farmer's family, chairman of the local Catholic youth group pre-February 1948 well acquainted with members of the anti-communist resistance group Black Lion 777 (Černý lev 777) his brother Alois unsuccessfully ... arrows 

Vladimír Janík (Dan) (1927 - 2012)

born May 2, 1927 in Brno 1930 his family moved to Prague-Dejvice 1937 became a scout in the 4th Cub Scouts pack a member of the legendary Dvojka troop, led by Jaroslav Foglar (Jestřáb) 1945-1980 served as Jestřáb’s deputy in the troop after the war, ... arrows 

Jiří Lukšíček (1933)

born August, 16 1933 in Prague 1945 joined Junák and was active in the 100th troop, later in the 145th troop after February 1948 became a member of a scouting resistance group linked to Joint Illegal Organizations March 1953 arrested for the first time and ... arrows 

Václav Mach (1933)

Born on April 10, 1933, in Leškovice After completing a weaving apprenticeship in 1950, he joined an anti-communist group Distribution of anti-communist posters and leaflets in the Semilsko region Arrested and taken into custody in Liberec In July 1952 Ten ... arrows 

Petr Maišaidr (1940)

born November, 15 1940 in Prague studying for eleven years at a school in Prague-Vysočany, after his dismissal he graduated in Litvínov returned to Prague after his military service and worked in the Leciva company became a scout in 1968 participant in the ... arrows 



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