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Project: Portraits of Prague citizens

List of witnesses of this project

Who are those people that we are meeting everyday on the streets of Prague? Some of them are well-known, most of them not. Do we know what interesting situations have they experienced in their life? Our project is a collection of 28 interesting stories of people, which memories reflect both history of Prague and history of our country. The project was carried out by Post Bellum with financial support of Magistrát Hlavního města Prahy, Městská část Praha 3 and Městská část Praha 1.

Copyright description

All stories, testimonies, text documents, photographs and other materials from the collection of Post Bellum are available to anyone who respects citation rules. We want to use the collection in the widest possible use to educational, research, publication, and other purposes. Please refer "to the Post Bellum collection". For the license use please contact: Mikuláš Kroupa, mikulas.kroupa @ postbellum.cz.

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