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List of witnesses

Here you can search witnesses by their names and also by a remarkable year which is connected to witnesses' memories.
Witness name: Year:
Surname begins with letters: Including witnesses in preparation:

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RNDr. Milada Vavrdová roz. Dvořáková (1938)

Born on 25 April, 1938 Grandfather Josef Záruba-Pfeffermann, architect and politician who was close to T.G. Masaryk A member of the Boy Scout Studied geology In the years 1967 to 1972, she lived in Zambia, where she and her husband conducted geological ... arrows 

Jana Vávrová, rozená Nitková (1941)

born June 21, 1941 to Mr. and Mrs. Nitka her parents were executed in the Mauthausen concentration camp for their activity in the resistance movement during the terror following Heydrich´s assassination infants hospital in Prague-Krč found by her aunt since ... arrows 

Petr Vavřín (1929)

born 25 June 1929 in Brno his mother was Jewish, his father was Czech with German roots 1939, his mother could not endure the fear of persecution and committed suicide his father married and Austrian and had to accept German citizenship Petr was forced to ... arrows 

Ing. Karel Vavřínek (1929 - 2016)

born August 20, 1929 in Pilsen, comes from a wealthy family active Boy Scout and a member of Sokol 1948 – publishing anti-communist pamphlets Voices of the Silenced 1949 – arrested, investigated and sentenced to death penalty, the sentence was commuted to 3,5 ... arrows 

Warrant Officer Josef Vazač (1920)

born in Český Straklov in Volynia on June 23rd, 1920 his brother Vladimír later also fought in the First Czechoslovak Independent Army trained locksmith joined the First Czechoslovak Brigade, conscripted in the Polish Rovno in February 1944 field repairman of ... arrows 

Vladimír Včela (1930)

Born on March 9, 1930, in Sedlec nearby Kutná Hora The family lived in Jihlava since 1935 1944-1945 – forced labor in the Kotva Jihlava works Worked as a chief of construction works and a construction technician 1945 – joined the Junák (3rd troop of the ... arrows 

Blanka Včeláková (1926)

Born on 22 June, 1926, in Jablonec nad Nisou 1938 - moved to Hradec Králové Vocational school for female professions 1943-1945 - worked at the train station in Hradec Králové May 1945 - returned to Jablonec nad Nisou An active girl scout until 1948 1949 - ... arrows 

Ján Vecan (1962)

born on August 23, 1962 in Levice helped his father, who was an evangelic priest, in missionary work with youth 1985 was arrested for smuggling of religious literature accused of criminal offence of circumvention of churched and religious groups’ supervision ... arrows 

Jana Vecková (1932)

born as the second child to a poor family in the town of Potštejn spent her childhood during the war, befriended a girl of Jewish ancestry in 1948 she witnessed her brother escaping the StB worked in medicine ... arrows 

Second Lieutenant (ret.) Josef Vedral (1915 - ????)

born on Volyně in the village Ostrov, the district Sienkiewiczovka on April 15, 1915 an infantry member of 1 st brigade 3 rd colours 3 rd company, one of those who went all way through from Volyně to Prague and survived participant of fights at Machnowka (the ... arrows 



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