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List of witnesses

Here you can search witnesses by their names and also by a remarkable year which is connected to witnesses' memories.
Witness name: Year:
Surname begins with letters: Including witnesses in preparation:

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František Winter (1935) video clip available

Born on December 17, 1935 in Malá Morava Of German origin Family owned a large farm Father František Winter was an antifascist Family was not included in the expulsion of Germans In June 1946 they had to move from their small farm in Moravia Since 1959, ... arrows 

Vladimír Winter (1925)

born in Praha-Vršovice on January 27th, 1925, the family lived in Libeň later on his father lost his job as a turner in 1930, the family moved to the USSR during the economic crisis he spent his childhood and youth in Pemza and Stalingrad, his school achievements ... arrows 

Barbara Winton (1953)

born 23rd Otober 1953 in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain, lives with her family in Herefordshire, England 1984 completes her studies of homeopathy at London College of Homepathy 1988 BBC programme That´s Life completely changes the life of the family ... arrows 

Irena Wiśniewska (1934)

born in Matijaszówka in the Lublin area on 6 December 1934 in 1946, her family left for the “Regained Territories” out of fear of assaults by Ukrainian guerrilla troops which were active in the region Irena Wiśniewska completed primary school in Kuźnica and then ... arrows 

Mgr. Zdena Wittmayerová (1931) video clip available

born July 30,1931 in Prague in 1946 met the love of her life - Jaroslav, who invited her into a scout troop for 25 years working as a teacher of chemistry, physical training and arts, then in an analytical laboratory 1948 left the troop and then returned in ... arrows 

Vilém Wodák (1951)

Vilém Wodák was born on 27 August, 1951 in Jihlava His mother, Marie Viktorie Medová, first married as Schützová, later Wodáková, was displaced as a mix marriage citizen Her son Ewald died in Vienna Her second son Vilém was born Vilém Wodák graduated from ... arrows 

Josef Wolf (1939)

born 11 January 1939 in Brno his father, a successful tailor, lost his business in 1948 and was sent to work in the uranium mines 1953, started taking an active interest in cycling achieved considerable success in cycling, was leader of the national team ... arrows 

Marie Wollnerová (1936)

born on 1 February 1936 in Prague grew up in poor workers’ family began her apprenticeship in aircraft engineering in 1951 up until 1959 worked in the field in the Motorlet company then looked after her children and did occasional jobs never joined the ... arrows 

Jiří Wonka (1950)

born 8 April 1950 in Dolní Branná family of Czech Germans grandfather and father were anti-Fascists Committee for the Defence of Sister-in-Law Eva Wonková hunger strike at Prague Castle in defence of his brother Pavel Wonka 26 May 1987, announced his ... arrows 

Brygida Wornowska (1946)

She was born on April 13th, 1946 in Bartąg She had five siblings - one brother was killed on the Eastern Front Father was a butcher and ran a shop in the market in Bartąg, mother was a housewife After entering Bartąg, Russians wanted to burn down the home of Ms

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