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List of witnesses

Here you can search witnesses by their names and also by a remarkable year which is connected to witnesses' memories.
Witness name: Year:
Surname begins with letters: Including witnesses in preparation:

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Emilie Závodská (1925)

Volhynian Czech spent her childhood in Hulcze Czech in Volhyinia remembers the Soviet occupation in 1939 and the German invasion in 1941 was active in an illegal organisation Blaník served in the First Czechoslovakian Army as an ambulance worker after the ... arrows 

Jan Zavřel (1920)

born January 1, 1920 in Brno structural engineer detained in Villach, Klagenfurt, Dachau and Mauthausen worked as a structural engineer in KT Mauthausen; his fellow prisoner was Antonín Novotný liberated by Americans from KT Mauthausen remained apolitical ... arrows 

Liongina Zazaitė–Polikaitienė (1940) video clip available

1940 was born in Lithuania in farmers’ family 1949 her parents joined the kolkhoz 1951 family was exiled to Siberia non- formal reason for exile there was a certain number of families in the district which were to be exiled and in their district the Soviet ... arrows 

Professor, Dr. Vladimír Zbořílek (1924) video clip available

Born in 1924 in Morkovice nearby Kroměříž Studied at a grammar school in Křenová in Brno 1945-1948 studies of history and French at the Masaryk University in Brno Summer of 1948 emigration - via Břeclav, Austria to France Lived in Paris and Madrid 1952 – ... arrows 

Alžběta Zdražilová (1928)

born August 18th 1928 in Humenné in a Jewish family 1930s the family moved to Carpathian Ruthenia in search of work 1939 Hungarian occupation of Carpathian Ruthenia interned in Hungary and then in the Stutthof concentration camp survived Auschwitz, she was ... arrows 

Bedřich Zedníček (1922)

born July 30, 1922 in Dlouhá Ves in the Olomouc region his father died of tuberculosis in 1933 his mother was raising three children in 1936 began working in the Baťa factory in Zlín in 1942 went to Vienna as conscripted labour escaped from forced labour to ... arrows 

Jiří Zedníček (1945) video clip available

born on 14 February 1945 basketball player of Slavia VŠ Praha in 1962-1978 participated in 1972 Munich Olympics indirect witness of the act of terrorism which took place in Munich participant of European basketball championships of 1967 and 1969 worked as a ... arrows 

Miluška Zedníčková (1924) video clip available

born May 30, 1924 in Nižná Polianka her father Josef Břečka served in the Czechoslovak legions in Russia secret journeys to Ufa her father was a commander of the customs guard in the village Hutka the family had to move out of Slovakia in March 1939 Miluška ... arrows 

Jindřich Zeithamml (1949)

Born in Teplice in 1949 At fourteen joined the Secondary School of Stonemasonry and Sculpture in Hořice In 1968 went to study at the Academy of Art but was expelled after a year In 1972 emigrated to Italy and then to Germany In 1976 to 1982 studied at the ... arrows 

Eva Zelená roz. Reichová (1928)

Born on June 15, 1928, in Trutnov Since her birth she’s been living in Česká Skalice On December 14, 1942, she, her parents and her sister went from Česká Skalice via Hradec Králové to Theresienstadt They arrived in Theresienstadt on December 17, 1942 On May ... arrows 



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