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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Josef Lawitschka (1933)

born 31 January 1935 in Frélichov a Moravian Croat 1948, his family fled to Austria, settled down in Vienna author of the book Lipo naše selo (Our Pretty Village) expert and collector of the works of Othmar Ruzicka ... arrows 

František Motyčka (1924) video clip available

born on 8th May 1924 in Palešnik, Moslavina region, Croatia member of a youth organisation called SKOJ (Savez komunističke omladine) joined the Yugoslavian partisans in April 1944 re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia (Jiřice u Miroslavi) in 1946 has lived in ... arrows 

Josef Kavka (1930)

born on 4th of February 1930 in Kounov, in Orlické Mountains during occupation he studied to become a professional shop assistant witnessed the 1945 liberation studied psychology reported for opinions on the 1968 occupation and persecuted ... arrows 

Hana Drori roz. Pollak (1931)

born on 4 November 1931 in Prague into a Jewish family following parents’ divorce grew up at her father’s family farm in Olbramovice in 1939 the farm was confiscated and she moved to Prague in December 1941 father was sent to Terezín; Hana followed him in ... arrows 

František Ducháček (1940)

born on 22 June 1940 in the village of Vitějeves comes from a poor farmer’s family graduated from a mechanization school in Strážnice by the early 60s worked in the State Technical Supervision was employed by a state farm in Březová where he became head of ... arrows 

Stanislav Tišer (1957)

born on 5 October 1957 started boxing as a fifteen-year-old was a boxer for twenty years seven times Czechoslovak champion in 54 kg category made a living as illicit moneychanger after 1989 became a box coach ... arrows 

Éva Hegyesiné Orsós (1954)

1954 was born in Budapest (Her father, a descendant of (beás) Gypsies) 1972 graduated from Imre Madách Secondary School 1972 became a member of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party 1975 earned the degree in Eötvös Loránd University, at the Faculty of Primary ... arrows 

Bohumil Kovařík (1934) video clip available

Born on 3rd March, 1934 in Štěpánov During collectivisation of the village whole family persecuted Bohumil Kovařík gave information to the CIC agent, Lumír Pavlík On 5th June, 1958 sentenced to eight years in prison by the Regional court of justice in Olomouc ... arrows 

Josef Škrábek (1928)

Born on 23rd April, 1928 in Valeč near Karlovy Vary in a Czech and German family In 1938 - 1939 the family moved to Prague-Hostivař In 1944 - 1945 was deployed to forced labour as a lathe hand in Hostivař, and later to trench digging near Olomouc In 1948 - 1952 ... arrows 

Hrabě Antonín Bořek-Dohalský (1944)

Born on 28th April, 1944 in Prague Comes from aristocratic families His father, JUDr. Jiří earl Bořek-Dohalský worked at the presidential office after war Mother Josefa, was born a princess Thurn-Taxis The third of four brothers Granduncles Antonín and ... arrows 



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