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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Josef Rössler (1956)

born 7 April 1956 in Prague sports-oriented family (Scouting, sailing) 1971-1973, trained as a mechanic at Czech Boatyard Prague from 1974, in touch with the Czech underground scene thanks to Golden Hill House a musician - Goldberg Grass Band, Dr. Prostěradlo ... arrows 

František Palička (1939) video clip available

born on 23rd April, 1939 in Vidnava (German Weidenau) the father was Czech and his mother a German lived in Vidnava during WW2 in 1945 experienced an evacuation of Vidnava memories of the death of his friend, Miroslav Kalabis following an explosion of a ... arrows 

Otmar Oliva (1952) video clip available

born 19 February 1952 in Olomouc-Staré Hodolany 1950s, witnessed a house raid and his father’s arrest attended the Secondary School of Art and Industry in Uherské Hradiště, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague taught by Charter 77-signee Vladislav ... arrows 

Helena Šilhanová (1931)

born 22 August 1931 in Prague witnessed air raids on Prague took part in the fighting on the barricades during the Prague Revolt helped a German friend assigned to the post-war expulsion raised a son and a daughter as of 2017, lives in Karlovy Vary ... arrows 

Maria Sergijivna Cigankova, roz. Zbirun (1924) video clip available

born 14 August 1924 in Pisnikiv near Mlynov, Rivne Oblast, which was Polish territory at the time 1943, her whole family was killed from 1944, cooperated with partisans from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army cooked food for the partisans and passed on messages ... arrows 

Helena Glancová (1938)

born 9 February 1938 in Prague 1943-1945, interned with her mother in Terezín 1955-1960, studied theatre directing at the Theatre Faculty in Prague one-year scholarship study in Leningrad assistant to Otoma Krejča at the National Theatre in Prague ... arrows 

Roman Teichmann (1930)

to be translated ... arrows 

Ana María Zubieta (1948)

Born on 17th November, 1948 in Buenos Aires An author of many books and articles devoted to literary theory and critics, and mainly Argentinian literature of the 20th century at the Philosophical Faculty of the Buenos Aires University she teaches Literary Theory ... arrows 

Nora Strejilevich (1951)

Born on 17th December, 1951 in Buenos Aires A writer and a high-school pedagogue of a Jewish origin During the last Argentinian dictatorship she was suspected by security forces in 1977 and was shortly kept in a concentration camp nicknamed the Club Atlético; ... arrows 

Hugo Vezzetti (1944)

Born on 12th March, 1944 in Buenos Aires Specialises mainly in two areas; psychology and psychiatry, further contemporary history and historical memory Long-term contributor to an important cultural magazine Punto de Vista (Point of view) and as a member of board ... arrows 



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