Příběhy 20. století
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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Irena Ondruchová (1928)

Born on 18th November, 1928 in a village of Výškovice near Ostrava In August 1944 experienced bombing of Ostrava From April to May 1945 witnessed liberation fights In November, 1945 moved to Sudetenland with her parents In March 1946 witnessed the ... arrows 

Otakar Nigrin (1927)

Born on 12th January, 1927 in Benešov His parents, Otakar and Emily operated a printing house in Benešov The witness trained as a compositor and a printer In 1948 graduated at the academy of commerce in Prague After 1948 the communists confiscated the ... arrows 

Dr. Dana Seidlová, roz. Guthová (1929)

born 12 December 1929 in Čáslav her father was a forest administrator for Prince Schwarzenberg at Hraběšín Hall during WW2, the Schwarzenbergs’ was placed under forced administration of Reich Germans until 1944, lived in Hraběšín near Čáslav experienced the ... arrows 

Ewald Seifert (1937)

born on 5th August, 1937 in Schwarzwasser/Černá Voda 1943 attended school in Schwarzwasser/Černá Voda in August 1946 displaced through Bohemia; first into the refugee camp in Niklasdorf, then a two-and-a-half-day ride in cattle carriages via Prague to Bavaria; to ... arrows 

Edgar Menzel (1936)

born on 12th December 1936 in Zastávka near to Javorník in Silesia of German nationality his father was social democrat and during the WWII spent four years in various concentrations camps and in a fuel plant in Záluží near Most in 1946 the family had to leave ... arrows 

Charlotte Geier, geb. Böhm (1931)

Charlotte Geier, born Böhm on 23rd May, 1931, grew up in Jeseník-Bukovice no. 7 Escaped to the German Reich during the Czechoslovak mobilisation in September 1938 The father interned after the war, badly wounded during forced labour, released in 1946 Family had ... arrows 

Albertina Farská, roz. Lang (1921)

born 5 June 1921 in Vienna 1938, moved to Prague 1942, deported to Terezín with her mother and sister 1943, married Josef Frankenbusch in Terezín taken to Auschwitz with her mother and sister - she was the only one of the three to survive survived a death ... arrows 

Petr Oravec (1964) video clip available

Born on 3rd June, 1964 in a village of Travná in Rychlebské mountains Visited festivals of the prohibited bands Experienced a brutal intervention of security forces in Žabčice in 1983 Signed a petition Several sentences Owner of the pub U Oravců in Travná ... arrows 

Naďa Mihalovičová (1928)

born 24 April 1928 in Prague-Smíchov 1932, her mother died 1941, her father died and her guardian sent her to a monastery studied journalism at the University of Political and Social Sciences 1948, met Jan Drda and started working at Lidové noviny 1950, ... arrows 

Simona Hradílková (1969)

born on 27 October 1969 in Hranice na Moravě grew up in Lipník nad Bečvou in the family of Tomáš Hradílek, a Charter 77 signatory from 1977 her family was under secret police surveillance interested in unofficial culture since 1987 lived in Brno became ... arrows 



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