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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Margita Lázoková (1945)

born in 1945 in the Roma settlement Brzotín in south-eastern Slovakia since 1946 has lived in Czechia in 1960s member of the folk ensemble Pol'ana worked as waitress in the Morava hotel and since 1967 in Brno's Bohéma restaurant from 1969 till 1973 active ... arrows 

Professor Jan Malura (1971)

born September 24, 1971 in Opava son of the musicologist Miroslava Malura who was persecuted by the communist regime in 1989 graduated from the grammar school in Ostrava-Zábřeha which was known for its strict totalitarian management he was one of the students ... arrows 

Milan Hlobílek (1932) video clip available

born December 29, 1932 in the village Mistřín (part of present-day Svatobořice) the family owned a large farm in Mistřín with 84 hectares of arable land the family farm was nationalized by the Nazi regime in 1941 the family was evicted in 1944 the family farm ... arrows 

Chava Inbar (1949)

Born in 1949 in Haifa, Israel Mother came from Slavonice, father from Mukachevo Mother came through ghetto in Theresienstadt and camp in Auschwitz, where her first husband died Father went into hiding and later joined Svoboda's army 1949, parents left ... arrows 

Chanan Abeles (1929)

born on January 29, 1929 in Bratislava traditional Jewish family, his father was a trader from autumn 1944 hiding in Bratislava December 1944 – arrested and deported to Sereď January 1945 – Chanan Abeles and his father interned in Sachsenhausen, his mother ... arrows 

Zdeňka Králová (1935)

born 26 April 1935 in Prague 1937, the family moved to Úsobská Street in Prague-Pankrác 6 May 1945, SS units massacred their neighbours, the Petržíleks escaped by chance later employed in the office of a gardening centre as of 2016, lives in Prague ... arrows 

Věra Lukášová (1929)

born 30 October 1929 in Zlín her father was employed at Baťa, he worked in the Netherlands for three years during the construction of a new factory (his family lived there with him) attended Tomáš Baťa Business Academy worked at the Zlín film studios, producer ... arrows 

Marta Charvátová (1926) video clip available

born 2 April 1926 in Trnava, Slovakia under the Slovak State, discriminated against for her Jewish origin, expelled from school September to November 1944, hid with her family in a forest bunker near the village of Kálnice November 1944, discovered, arrested ... arrows 

Ljuba Václavová (1941)

born 19 May 1941 in Prague 25 March 1945, witnessed the bombing of Vysočany studied operatic singing at a conservatoire misguidedly joined the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (CPC) 1966, expelled from the CPC worked as an assistant director at ... arrows 

Vlastislava Vrbová (1926) video clip available

born 4 August 1926 in the village of Daňkovice near Nové Město na Moravě, former Czechoslovakia from 1 July 1943 to 5 May 1945, supported the partisan group Jermak cooked them food, washed their clothes after WW2, attended a one-year course in Prague worked ... arrows 



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