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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Štefánia Mihalusová (1931)

born on October 23, 1931 in Marček near Žilina as an 8-year-old, she moved from her parents living in Marček to her sister in Žilina went to school which was governed by School Sisters of St. Francis in 1945 she entered convent and finished studies at the ... arrows 

Václav Vorlíček (1930)

Born on March 6, 1930, in Prague Was a Boy Scout before and post WWII During the war witnessed the air raid on Prague on February 14, 1845, and the Prague Uprising in 1945 In October 1945 his mother died of throat cancer In 1947, as a boy scout, he took part ... arrows 

Petr Švestka (1959)

Born on November 15, 1959, in Jablonec nad Nisou Spent his childhood with his grandparents in a secluded cottage in a forest In 1975 started studying secondary chemical school in Ústí nad Labem He met with the dissidents and the underground community In 1979 ... arrows 

Judita (Judith) Kellner-Tauberová (1943)

born 11 May 1943 in Palestine her father was Hainz Jakob Tauber, a doctor and officer who served in the Czechoslovak Foreign Army during WW2 several of her relatives died in concentration camps grew up in Nahariya and Haifa with her mother; 1946, the family was ... arrows 

Jan Augustin Hofman (1955)

born 9 November 1955 in Prague 1975, graduated from grammar school at university, influenced by Aleš Lederer, who was expelled from school for political reasons 1977, abandoned his studies prematurely 1977-1980, worked at a second-hand bookshop in Dlážděná ... arrows 

Blahoslav Havránek (1933 - 2017)

born 28 January 1933 in the village of Svatá, Beroun District remembers life in Svatá during World War II remembers the family of Sokol co-founder Josef Sheiner his uncle Karel stood up for German farmers against the Revolutionary Guards at the end of the war ... arrows 

Ivo Valent (1964)

born 26 August 1964 in Prague his mother was a journalist at the Czech Press Agency, his father worked at Czechoslovak Radio August 1968, his mother was detained by Soviet soldiers inside the Parliament together with members of parliament his parents lost their ... arrows 

Vladimír Škoda (1942)

born 22 November 1942 in Prague trained as a lathe operator at ČKD Slaný 1961-1963, military service 1964, employed as a stage hand at DISK Theatre 1963-1967, repeated failed applications to the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Art, Architecture & ... arrows 

Giora Solar (1947)

born on April 9, 1947 in Prešov 1949 the Solar family emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Israel 1965 – 1968 he joined the compulsory military service in Israel Defense Forces – Cahal 1967 served as a radio operator in six-day war 1970 left to study architecture ... arrows 

Martin Hagara (1934)

born on September 17, 1934, grew up in the city of Nováky since his early childhood he inclined towards the ideas of Scouting after the communist takeover, together with his friends he founded an illegal branch of Scouting in Nováky named “Zlatý Orol” (Golden ... arrows 



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