Příběhy 20. století
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List of the lastly published witnesses

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Oldřich Plajner (1931)

born on 26 June 1931 into the family of Rudolf Plajner, a scout chief grew up in Holešov and Prague became a scout in 1939 but the movement was soon outlawed 1939 – 1945 lived in Holešov where his father took part in the resistance 1945 – 1948 took part in ... arrows 

Vladimír Cvrček (1939)

born on 20 April 1939 in Turnov his father worked at the railway, his mother was a seamstress in 1947 joined the sea scouts of Liberec graduated from teaching at a university in Ústí nad Labem took active part in the second Junák renewal, serving as chief of ... arrows 

Mirko Veselý (1955)

born in 11 February 1955 in Beroun ever since 1968 member of the 1st scout club in Říčany following the outlawing of the scout organization in 1970 carried on organizing summer camps for children his club operated under the auspices of Pionýr; he carried on ... arrows 

Jiří Navrátil (1956)

Born on April 1, 1956, in Prague 1962 Primary school 1962 Brother Miloš emigrates to Canada Joining the Christian Boy Scout organisation in Prague Brother Tomáš emigrates to England 1970 Boy Scout units merged with the Socialist Union of Youth, decision of ... arrows 

Josef Kříž (1931)

Born on February 25, 1931, in Karlín, Prague 1945-1949 – Boy Scout in unit Thirteen February 25, 1948 – took part in the demonstration of university students 1950 – school-leaving exam Admitted to Faculty of Arts, Charles University, psychology, switched ... arrows 

Bruno Ertelt (1930) video clip available

born on 28th March, 1930 in Supíkovice (German Saubsdorf) of German origin in the time of pre-Munich crisis the family fled to Germany father fought in the Wehrmacht father led home militia Volkssturm in Supíkovice shortly after war the father was interned ... arrows 

Bohuslav Úlehla (1927)

was born on 19th March 1927 1951 emigrated to Austria 1952 met his wife Marie there 1954 emigrated together to Australia 1986 his mother died, Czechoslovak authorities denied him the permission to come home to attend the funeral 1990 the first visit to ... arrows 

Božena Jenšovská (1929)

born on 28th July 1929 in Knínice near Boskovice to the butchers´ family had a year and a half older brother Vladimir at the beginning of 1931 the family moved to Prague in Žižkov Vladimír Strolený studied high technical school in 1949 attended a political ... arrows 

Marie Chalupová (1925)

born on 13th June, 1925 in Liboměřice near Chrudim in a family of a farmer following 1948 the family was forced to ented united agricultural coop worked as a teacher in a kindergarten in Písková Lhota in Poděbradsko was engaged to Josef Chalupa Marie and ... arrows 

Chana Malka rozená Fialová (1923)

Born on February 21, 1923, in Strakonice as Hana Fialová 1939 – Jewish school for the youth in Prague Autumn 1942 – deported to Theresienstadt with her mother Autumn 1944 – transport to Auschwitz, Hana left after a week to Oederan ... arrows 



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