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Institution: The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Dohány utca 74.
1074   Budapest


About us

The 1956 Institute as a center for historical research was established in 1990. The founding deed of the institute was to carry out scholarly research into national and international contemporary history with a focus on the history of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and communisms in Eastern Europe. By now the Institute has issued over 130 books, 20 multimedia publications, 12 historical documentary films. Its Oral History Archive has a large collection of more than 1000 life interviews. The number of papers produced by the staff reaches 2000. Its research fellows represented Hungary at over 120 international conferences. Training for history teachers have been held and frequent visits made at secondary schools. Since 2012 the Institute's continued its tasks in the form of a private foundation. Recent projects focus on kadarism, the underground movements in the Communist era and on the superviving rightist values and political currents. For further information visit www.rev.hu.




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