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Institution: The Church History Institute of the Ukrainian Catholic University

Свенціцького 17
79011   Львів


About us

The Church History Institute was founded in 1992 to investigate a position of the Church under the totalitarian communist regime. A scientific work of the Institute is based on a technique of "the living history", that is a collection of oral testimonies and their analysis by means of the modern computing machinery.

In addition to the oral history project CHI began to work at translations and publication of the scientific, training and methodical literature, collection and classification of the sources of the history of the Church and the state relations and the interdenominational relations in Ukraine as well as other scientific projects.

In a publishing field the main task of the Institute is to prepare for printing the collected stories in the Church history "Kovcheh" ("Ark"), translations and publication of the scientific literature.

There is a pastoral department affiliated to the Institute, which keeps up connections with people, who were subjected to repression because of their belonging to UGCC. Among them there are old priests and priests' widows, who need moral and financial support under present day difficult conditions. Personnel of the Institute collected information about them in all eparchies of UGCC.




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