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Institution: The Center for Urban History of East Central Europe

Акад. Богомольця, 6
79006   Львів


About us

Founded in 2004, officially opened in 2006, the Center has become an integral if young part of the international landscape of urban history research institutions and of Lviv's society. The Center researches urban society and culture of the region of East Central Europe, especially but not exclusively focusing on the city of Lviv in western Ukraine. The Centre's activity includes regular international as well as local seminars and conferences and number of research, documentation and civil-society oriented projects, as well as exhibitions. The Center is an institute that not only researches the city of the past, but also lives and works in the city of the present. The Center goes beyond academic activity and support cultural and other public initiatives, which it sees as both valuable and seminal.

The Center realizes several projects combining research with IT displaying the results on the Internet: "Lviv Interactive (LIA)" is a web-accessible, interactive historical map of the city of Lviv. "The Urban Image Database" brings together visual representations of printed images (photographs, postcards, lithographs, etc.), and collects visual information on the history of the towns and cities of East Central Europe. "Urban Maps Digital (UMD)" focuses on the digitalization of historic, previously unpublished, or long forgotten maps, highlighting the maps as artefacts in their own right. "The Urban Video Database (UVD)" includes materials covering all genres of film and sound recordings in a variety of formats and from private collections as well as official archives.




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