Příběhy 20. století
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The Seventies - 1970 - 1979

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21. – 28.3.1969 – Disorders related to the celebration of Czech hockey team’s (17) 1976 – The Plastic People of the Universe trial (17) 1. 1. 1977 - Declaration of Chart 77 (145) 28. 1. 1977 - The “Anti-Charter” (24) 24. 4. 1978 – Formation of Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Prosecuted (19)

List of witnesses

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ThMgr. Erwin Kukuczka (1944)

a priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church (CČSH), born on May 27, 1944, in Istebné spent some time in a German camp as a child (till 1946) where the children were used as guinea pigs for nutritional experiments his mother died of tuberculosis after the war ... arrows 

Miroslav Kusý (1931)

he was born on December 1, 1931 in Bratislava into the family of a manual worker he passed the leaving examination in 1950 and left for Prague to study at the University of Political and Economic Sciences he finished studies of Marxist philosophy at the Faculty ... arrows 

Jaroslav Lamr (1950)

born on 22 January 1950 in the Nymburk district trained to be a carpenter; after compulsory military service found a job at the Federal Ministry of Interior in 1973 transferred to the secret police department in Příbram followed foreigners arriving to the ... arrows 

Pavel Landovský (1936 - 2014)

an influential Czech actor and playwright born September 11, 1936 in Německý (Havlíčkův) Brod trained as a tool engineer, then studied high school in Teplice began his career as an actor in Šumperk through Klatovy and Pardubice he got to Prague in the 1960s ... arrows 

Ing. Vladimír Laštůvka (1943)

Born on 8 June, 1943 in Strážnice 1962 graduation at a gymnasium in Uherské Hradište After graduation accepted to Fakulty of Nuclear and Technical Physics A member of student`s revolurionary group – following the West 1967 graduation worked in A1 – Jaslovské ... arrows 

Ing. Jan Litomiský (1943)

born 19 August 1934 in Prague his family moved to Vyskytná near Pelhřimov Evangelical youth group studied at the University of Agriculture member of the Czechoslovak People’s Party in touch with the Prague dissident and underground scene signed Charter ... arrows 

František Lízna (1941)

born 11 July 1941 in Jevíčko 1959, graduated from grammar school in Jevíčko 29 May 1960, sentenced to 7 months in prison by the District Court in Blansko for tearing down a Soviet flag 1962-1964, military service in a special detachment in eastern Slovakia 15 ... arrows 

Oto Mádr (1917 - 2011)

Born on February 15th 1917 in Prague Ordained on November 22nd 1942; after that he became a chaplain and administrator in monastery in Stříbrná Skalice town 1948-1949 - post gradual studies in Rome Finished his Theology doctorate in 1950 Arrested in 1951; ... arrows 

Aleš Macháček (1946)

Born on 9 February, 1946 in Prague Since 1967 studied the High School of Agriculture Working in the Strahov bulletin 1968 – students organisation in Všehrdova street 1970 – marriage to his girlfriend Alena, a year later birth of a daughter Pavla 1972 – ... arrows 

Petr Maišaidr (1940)

born November, 15 1940 in Prague studying for eleven years at a school in Prague-Vysočany, after his dismissal he graduated in Litvínov returned to Prague after his military service and worked in the Leciva company became a scout in 1968 participant in the ... arrows 



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