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The Seventies - 1970 - 1979

Related anniversaries

21. – 28.3.1969 – Disorders related to the celebration of Czech hockey team’s (18) 1976 – The Plastic People of the Universe trial (26) 28. 1. 1977 - The “Anti-Charter” (40) 1. 1. 1977 - Declaration of Chart 77 (201) 24. 4. 1978 – Formation of Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Prosecuted (22)

List of witnesses

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Professor, PhDr. Ladislav Hejdánek (1927)

post-war official of the society Academic YMCA studied philosophy, had an important role in organising seminars in the theologocial college in Jircháře member of the Society for Human Rights, 1968 during Normalization organised "apartment" workshops, himself ... arrows 

Monsignor Karel Herbst (1943) video clip available

born 6 November 1943 in Prague 1960, trained as an electric-locomotive technician, worked in the profession until 1968 1968, graduated from a grammar-school distance course in Prague 1968-173, studied at the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Divinity in ... arrows 

Pavel Hlaváč (1939)

born 1939 in Kutná Hora his father was imprisoned for political reasons graduated from the Komenský Evangelical Theological Faculty served as a pastor in Prague, Nepomuk, and Proseč from early 1970s, persecuted by State Security participated in the ... arrows 

Jana Hlavsová (1957)

born 1957 to Dana Němcová and Jiří Němec studied to become a nurse her family was active in the dissent movement when she was 18, she married Milan "Mejla" Hlavsa, a singer of the band The Plastic People of the Universe has two children among other she also ... arrows 

Jiří Holba (1953)

Born on May 11, 1953, in Vsetín Trained as electro-mechanic Since the late 1970s has lived in Prague and was a member of the underground community around the Betlehem Chapel pub Worked as an electrician, janitor, driver's assistant, gardener, nurse and boiler ... arrows 

Ing. Hana Holcnerová (1960) video clip available

born on 18th November, 1960 in Brno signed the Chart 77 participated in the dissent co-founded the Brno forum printed and distributed samizdat a reporter of the Eastern information agency (VIA) persecuted and tapped by the secret police arrested by the ... arrows 

Svatopluk Holec (1933 - 2018) video clip available

born 7 April 1933 in Pilsen grew up in Korunní in the Doupov Mountains, where his father Emil Holec worked as a clerk at a mineral spring autumn 1938, the family was evacuated inland as the Czech border region was ceded to Germany experienced WW2 in Náchod; his ... arrows 

Jiří Holík (1944)

Born on 9 July, 1944 in Havlíčkův Brod Older brother also a hockey player, Jaroslav Holík (1942–2015) Studied eleven years of secondary school and a faculty of pedagogics, approbation PE and geography professional hockey player, as a youngster played for a ... arrows 

Ludvík Hradílek (1960)

born in 1960 in 1981 finished high school of art carpentry in 1982 married Tereza Muchová from 1982 serviceman in a bookshop from 1984 contributed to publishing the samizdat Revoler Revue in 1988 took part in publications exchange with Polish dissidents in ... arrows 

Tomáš Hradílek (1945) video clip available

born in 1945 in Lipník nad Bečvou graduated from the University of agriculture in Brno in 1967 was a member of the Communist party in the years 1966-1969 signed the Charter 77 in 1977 a member of the Collective of Charter 77 spokespeople in the beginning of ... arrows 



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