Příběhy 20. století
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The Seventies - 1970 - 1979

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21. – 28.3.1969 – Disorders related to the celebration of Czech hockey team’s (17) 1976 – The Plastic People of the Universe trial (17) 1. 1. 1977 - Declaration of Chart 77 (145) 28. 1. 1977 - The “Anti-Charter” (24) 24. 4. 1978 – Formation of Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Prosecuted (19)

List of witnesses

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Jarmila Stibicová (1933)

born 14th August 1933 in Turkovice, Pardubice district studied Czech, Russian and English at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University until 1970, teacher at the Secondary Technical School of Chemistry in Pardubice 1969 - convicted for distributing pamphlets on ... arrows 

Václav Straka (1914 - 2011)

He was born on April 8th, 1914 in Prague. After he graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Charles’s University in Prague he continued his studies in Brussels. He participated in resistance activities in Belgium. From here he joined the Czechoslovak Army troop in ... arrows 

Oldřich Stránský (1921 - 2014)

He was born in 1921 in the town of Most to a Czech - Jewish family. 1941-1943 he was interned in the forced labor camp in the town of Česká Lípa. He was transported to the Terezín camp in 1943. In December of 1943 he was transported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau ... arrows 

Luděk Svoboda (1933)

Born on May 13, 1933 in Prague In 1951 passed final exams at the School of booksellers and publishers in Prague Started as an assistant worker in Kladno ironworks to avoid communists action „77 thousands into production“ In 1952 started in secondhand bookshop ... arrows 

Zdeněk Šesták (1925)

his parents were amateur musicians studied grammar school in Slaný organ player in the church in Cítoliby forced labour at the airport in Prague Prague Conservatory study of musicology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, lectures of professor Jan ... arrows 

Professor, Ing., CSc. Věněk Šilhán (1927 - 2009)

an econom, in the years 1957-1970 and 1990-1992 worked at the Faculty of Economy. He was e.g. a pro-rector for research and after 1989 he was a rector. in mid-fifties he studied in USSR he actively took part in political life during the period of “Prague spring”, ... arrows 

PhDr., CSc. Libuše Šilhánová (1929 - 2016)

born April 10, 1929 in Vrdy near Čáslav 1933 – the family moved to Žehušice 1946 – the family moved to Chomutov 1948 – graduated from the grammar school in Chomutov 1948 – study at the Pedagogical Faculty of Chrales University in Prague 1951 – met Věněk ... arrows 

Ing., CSc Prokop Šmirous (1939) video clip available

born August 29, 1939 in the village Leština u Světlé the family owned a large farm in Leština u Světlé his father Prokop Šmirous Sr. was sentenced to twelve years of imprisonment on May 19, 1951 their property was confiscated and the family was evicted his ... arrows 

Pavel Šremer (1946)

born February 1946 into a teacher’s family interested in natural sciences, graduated in genetics and molecular biology at Charles University in 1968 during his studies, active in the left-wing Movement of Revolutionary Youth, which was strongly opposed to the ... arrows 

Petr Štembera (1945) video clip available

born in April 1945 in Pilsen an important figure of Czech action and conceptual art early in his career did interventions into the natural environment (The Big Pool, 1970) became known for woks on his own body, the so-called body art (e.g. Grafting and Sleeping ... arrows 



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