Příběhy 20. století
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The Seventies - 1970 - 1979

Related anniversaries

21. – 28.3.1969 – Disorders related to the celebration of Czech hockey team’s (17) 1976 – The Plastic People of the Universe trial (16) 1. 1. 1977 - Declaration of Chart 77 (131) 28. 1. 1977 - The “Anti-Charter” (21) 24. 4. 1978 – Formation of Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Prosecuted (18)

List of witnesses

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Miloš Trapl (1935)

born 15 January 1935 in Hustopeče near Brno studied history in Olomouc 1964, began teaching at the Faculty of Arts in Olomouc 1980, gave a speech that was deemed seditious; was banned from lecturing 1993, founded the Centre for Czechoslovak Exile Studies; ... arrows 

Professor, ThDr., Ing. Jakub S. Trojan (1927)

Born 13th May 1927 in Paris Protestant pastor, theologian, and economist; belonged to Nová orientace movement Member of Academic YMCA from 1946 to 1950 Three years compulsory military service with Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP) 1974 - Denied government ... arrows 

Ing. Miroslav Tyl (1943)

born in a respected, cultured family, his father was an economist, lawyer, resistance fighter, and supporter of the WW2 government in exile attended a secondary school of agriculture in Liblice near Prague - farmer, breeder worked as an agronomist at a farm in ... arrows 

PhDr. Jan Urban (1951)

Born on 27 March, 1951 in Hradec Králové Father in resistance during war, a member of the communist party 1965: father an embassador in Finland 1967-1968: study stays in England 1969: graduation at the Russian-Finnish lyceum in Helsinki 1970: father ... arrows 

Mgr. Václav Vacek (1946) video clip available

Born on 11 August, 1946 in Dolní Čermná His father was sentenced for two years of prison during communism in a construed process In 1970 - 1975 studies at the Theological Faculty in Litoměřice In 1975 ordained a priest in the St. Vitus cathedral in Prague ... arrows 

Rostislav Valušek (1946)

Dissident and priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. Born on 18th of July 1946 in Olomouc. His religious views were mainly formed by his grandmother and Sunday classes at the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. Wanted to become a painter, but instead studied to be ... arrows 

Miroslav Vaněk (1946) video clip available

Born on August 1, 1946 in Moravský Beroun Spent his childhood with his grandparents on their farm in Bystřice pod Hostýnem - Rychlov Grandparents refused to join the farms collective The family grocery store in Bystřice pod Hostýnem was nationalized 1960 - ... arrows 

Miloslav Vašina (1946)

born October 1, 1946 in Pardubice learnt the locksmith’s trade graduated from the faculty of theology signed Charter 77 until 1990 he was waiting to receive the state approval for serving as a priest, but in vain worked as a boiler man, sacristan, in a ... arrows 

Karel Větrovec (1932)

born June 25, 1932 in Kadov his father was a member of the organization Niva during WWII (a resistance group active in the Strakonice region) witnessed the shooting down of a German airplane near Řesanice in 1945 arrival of the US Army to Kasejovice on May ... arrows 

RNDr. Michaela Vidláková (1936)

born December 30,1936 in Prague December 1942 deported to the Terezín ghetto 1953 the entire family arrested for an attempt to escape to Palestine 1960 graduated from the university from biology - chemistry working in clinical and experimental medicine ... arrows 



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