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The Sportsmen

List of witnesses

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Felicitas Babušíková (1940)

October 23, 1940 – born in Bratislava 1949 beginnings of figure skating 1951 – 1958 active in figure skating competitions 1962 – 1967 studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava 1968 – 2000 worked as a biochemist in ... arrows 

Jana Bartošová (1950)

Born on 22.7. 1950 in Prague 1956 joins elementary school of Mladé gardy in Prague 7 youngest of 3 siblings, has elder brother and sister Christian oriented family Father, as a member of intelligence (tertiary degree) is later sent to factory as genuine ... arrows 

Pavel Bartovský (1936) video clip available

born 27 November 1936 in Pilsen 1948, the Communists nationalised the family shop, house, and car 1950, the Czechoslovak Youth Union confiscated their cottage in Nová Huť 1 June 1953, took part in the so-called Pilsen Revolt June 1953, the family was evicted ... arrows 

Václav Bečvář (1940)

Hobšovice Orion Club Slaný Michlova factory for bicycles William Michl-industrialist Races vintage cars and motorcycles Knovíz-Olšany Museum of historical vehicles in the Hobšovicích (private) ... arrows 

Professor MUDr., DrSc. Vladimír Beneš (1921)

born on January 27, 1921 in Pilsen 1932–1940: study at grammar school in Pilsen during the war worked as an editor in the Pilsen daily Nová doba, then as an orderly in the hospital in Pilsen led the American convoy to the town hall during the liberation of ... arrows 

Jiří Beran (1954) video clip available

born 1954 in Prague did sports already as a child, played league football at the age of 21, introduced to fencing and soon became one of the top Czechoslovak fencers studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague, worked as a construction manager ... arrows 

Robert Birnbaum (1929)

born 20 March 1929 in Puklice near Jihlava his father, Robert Birnbaum Sr, was the administrator of the Puklice farming estate; he was arrested by the Gestapo in 1941, died in Auschwitz his grandmother Berta Birnbaumová was interned in Terezín and died in ... arrows 

Radovan Brož (1936)

born in 1936 in Pardubice experienced three Allied air raids on Pardubice in 1942 graduated from the Institute of Physical Education worked as a youth athletics coach for his entire life in 1972 his passport was confiscated for fourteen years participated ... arrows 

Augustin Bubník (1928 - 2017) video clip available

born 21st November 1928 in Prague excellent hockey player, member of LTC Praha, member of the national team from 1947 1948, silver medal at the Winter Olympics in Saint-Maurice end of 1948, the team refused to go into exile en masse 1949, became world ... arrows 

Imrich Bugár (1955)

Born on April 14, 1955, in Slovakia in a Hungarian village near Dunajská Streda At fourteen, without any training, he won in a regional discus throwing competition and continued in junior representation In 1974 he joined Dukla Praha where, after his military ... arrows 



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