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Lidé pomáhající partyzánům během 2. svět. války

List of witnesses

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Libuše Kowačová (1922) video clip available

born 18 June 1922 in Břeclav; maiden name Kučerová trained as a seamstress during the war, in touch with Belgian captives at the POW camp near Břeclav go-between for the captives and the resistance 1942, arrested by the Gestapo imprisoned and interrogated ... arrows 

PaedDr. Jaroslav Kozlík (1907 - 2012)

Born on 24 May 1907 in Bystřice pod Hostýnem Joined the Sokol in 1920 Played volleyball from 1922 Took part in the 1st Czechoslovak national volleyball championship in 1924, won the title three times afterwards Graduated from the Teachers Institute in ... arrows 

Anastázie Králová (1928) video clip available

born 20 September 1928 in Ratiboř messenger of the resistance group For The Homeland messenger for the 1st Czechoslovak Partisan Brigade of Jan Žižka witness of a shoot-out at Mynařík’s Saw Mill in Ratiboř now lives in Odra ... arrows 

Božena Kršáková, roz. Vařáková (1936 - 2013)

born 1936 in Pozděchov, on Vařákovy paseky family lived on the meadows above the village, hiding partisans since 1944 23. 4. 1945 witness of burning the Prlov village, 23 dead 2. 5. 1945 witness of burning the Vařákovy paseky 4. 5. 1945 Germans executed four ... arrows 

Žofie Kubíčková (1931) video clip available

born on 20th November 1931 in Písařov her family owned a restaurant called Kocanda her father Osvald Neugebauer, a Wehrmacht soldier, never came back from the war her step-father Emanuel Krobot joined the partisans and several months later had to hide from the ... arrows 

Svatava Kubíková (1931 - 2015) video clip available

she was born in Zákřov near Olomouc in 1931 a witness of the so-called Zákřov tragedy her brother Drahomír, her father Josef and 17 other men were killed in the forest near Kyjanica on 20 April 1945 today she still lives in Zákřov died on April the 2nd, 2015 ... arrows 

Libuše Kubinová (1927)

born 1927 in Český Malín her father was a shoemaker, the family owned a farm attended school in Malín the family moved to nearby Zborov 1943 – the massacre of Malín, many of their relatives died there, including her uncle and his family 1945 – end of the ... arrows 

Vincent Laš (1927) video clip available

Born in 1927 in the village Skalitá in Slovakia In 1936 the family left to Slavonia (Mali Rastovac) Joined the guerrillas in Yugoslavia 6th Slavonian troop 1946 re-emigration to Czechoslovakia Currently lives in Nové Lublice ... arrows 

František Lehejček (1927 - 2016)

born October 28, 1927 in Počátky in the Vysočina region his father was a legionnaire who had fought in Russia his family was helping to hide a transmitter during WWII his uncle was arrested by the Gestapo and he died in Terezín František was bringing food to ... arrows 

First Lieutenant (ret.) Alexandr Leško (1923 - 2015)

born 19 August 1923 in Krivan, eastern Slovakia joined the Slovak army served under Technical Wing No. 4 1944, participated in the Slovak National Uprising 1945, joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps, 4th Brigade crew member of an “assault vehicle” ... arrows 



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