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Lidé pomáhající partyzánům během 2. svět. války

List of witnesses

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Anna Koppová, rod. Čížová (1935)

born on January 9, 1935 in Priechod in February 1945 she lived through burning down of the village by Nazis after the war the family was obligated to hand in food contingents at last they were forced to enter the cooperative nowadays Anna is retired and lives ... arrows 

František Kostner (1920 - 2014)

born October 1, 1920 in Příbram childhood in the gamekeeper’s lodge in Stráž near Mirotice and in Rokycany, graduated from secondary school in Strakonice Boy Scout, Sokol member, amateur theatre actor in 1938 applied to join the army as a minor, assigned to the ... arrows 

Bohuslava Kouřilová (1941)

Born on the 18th of January 1941 in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. Parents Vojtěch and Bohuslava Zicháček active in the resistance. Hid people hunted by the Gestapo. April 1944, provided asylum to paratrooper group Clay. Escaped from Gestapo and remained in hiding ... arrows 

Pavla Kováčová (1913 - 2013)

born July 15, 1913 in Krakow in a Jewish family the family moved to Prague where Pavla grew up 1939 – married Pavel Weisz, involved in the resistance movement together 1940 – daughter Eva is born, son Pavel in 1942 February 1942 – their boarding date for ... arrows 

Lýdia Kovářová, roz. Kordíková (1928 - 2017)

Née Kordíková. born on the 9th of January 1928 in Jasenie in the Tatra mountains. During the Slovak National Uprising her and her family helped the partisans and the medics from the second airborne brigade. She treated frostbite cases, helped with minor ... arrows 

Jarmila Kovářová, roz. Švejdová (1930)

born 13 October 1930 in Přední Poříčí their farm was raided twice by the Gestapo her father was a farming landowner forced to join a cooperative April 1953, arrested December 1953, sentenced to six years for espionage stood trial with her uncle F. Petrovic, ... arrows 

Libuše Kowačová (1922) video clip available

born 18 June 1922 in Břeclav; maiden name Kučerová trained as a seamstress during the war, in touch with Belgian captives at the POW camp near Břeclav go-between for the captives and the resistance 1942, arrested by the Gestapo imprisoned and interrogated ... arrows 

PaedDr. Jaroslav Kozlík (1907 - 2012)

Born on 24 May 1907 in Bystřice pod Hostýnem Joined the Sokol in 1920 Played volleyball from 1922 Took part in the 1st Czechoslovak national volleyball championship in 1924, won the title three times afterwards Graduated from the Teachers Institute in ... arrows 

Anastázie Králová (1928) video clip available

born 20 September 1928 in Ratiboř messenger of the resistance group For The Homeland messenger for the 1st Czechoslovak Partisan Brigade of Jan Žižka witness of a shoot-out at Mynařík’s Saw Mill in Ratiboř now lives in Odra ... arrows 

Božena Kršáková, roz. Vařáková (1936 - 2013)

born 1936 in Pozděchov, on Vařákovy paseky family lived on the meadows above the village, hiding partisans since 1944 23. 4. 1945 witness of burning the Prlov village, 23 dead 2. 5. 1945 witness of burning the Vařákovy paseky 4. 5. 1945 Germans executed four ... arrows 



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