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Lidé pomáhající partyzánům během 2. svět. války

List of witnesses

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Jindřich Tesař (1924) video clip available

Born in 1924 in Cetkovice During the war, a part of his family was involved in resistance activities His father, František Tesař, helped Jiří Pelikán during the war (he later became the director of the television and broadcasting) Jindřich was linked to the ... arrows 

Miroslav Ticháček (1924)

Born on 27 March, 1924 1939–1943 – apprenticed a toolmaker in Baťa´s boarding school 1942 – Father was hiding detained the Gestapo informers' letters, was punished by forced work Father was hiding in the forest and got in touch with partisan groups in the ... arrows 

Anna Tichavská, roz. Švarcová (1922) video clip available

born 1922 in Zákřov April 18, 1945 experienced the massacre in Zákřov April 20, 1945 her cousin František Švarc and his sixteen-year-old son were together with other 17 men murdered near the Kyjanice hamlet at the time of the assault on the village she was ... arrows 

Štefan Tišer (1950)

Born in 1950 in Stráž near Tachov Spent his childhood at his grandparents in Slovak Betlanovce Studied economics at the secondary school, but worked in manual professions Since 1970s participated in Roma social and political events in Pilsen region sought ... arrows 

Ľubomír Vacek (1932)

born in 1932 in Hlohovec studied at grammar school in Hlohovec strongly affected by generous help of his father during the WWII and his involvement in the Slovak National Uprising happened to be an unreliable person for the communist regime spent his military ... arrows 

Irena Valášková (1923) video clip available

Born on 2 May, 1923 in Dlouhomilov In 1932 the family moved to Doubrava in Cieszyn region In October 1938 the family was chased from Doubrava by the Pols Since 1944 they hid partisans in their house in Dlouhomilov Witness worked as a connection of partisans, ... arrows 

Michal Vasilko (1924 - 2013) video clip available

born 10 April 1924 in Nechválova Polianka near Snina, former Czechoslovakia 3 August 1944, joined the Slovak National Uprising served with the Soviet partisan group Belov-Sergei as a messenger and informer injured in the right leg 21 April 1944, joined the ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Jan Velík (1921 - 2016)

Born on August 2, 1921, in Hodonín 1941 – forced labor in the German town of Malchow Ran away from forced labor Was drafted to the Trnava garrison of the Slovak army on 1 October, 1941 Dispatched to the Soviet Union on 22 June, 1942 Fled from the Slovak ... arrows 

Ladislav Vítek (1924 - 2015) video clip available

born 25 July 1924 in Bystřička his family lived in the settlement U Čulíků in Růžďka his family helped partisans forced labour at the Vítkovice Ironworks repeatedly fled from forced labour imprisoned in Vsetín for two months hid with the Braveneces in ... arrows 

Elefteria Vlachopulu (1934)

born on 12 March, 1934 in the village of Tarnovo (Prasino) in the region Florina in the Northern Greece Slavic Macedonian in Greece three brothers fought during civil war in Greece on part of the Greek Democratic Army (DSE) family emigrated from Greece ... arrows 



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