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Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp

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Nazism (3258) Political prisoners (2378)

List of witnesses

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Elisheva Gidron, roz. Kummermann (1920)

born 4 December 1920 into a Jewish family in Vienna from 1926, lived in Štěpánovice near Olomouce; 1932, moved to Karlovy Vary Octover 1938, moved to Prague member of the Zionist movement Tchelet Lavan 8 September 1942, deported to the Terezín ghetto worked ... arrows 

Viera Gordonová (1923) video clip available

she was born on February 28, 1923, in Lučenec radical turn of events in her life came with the Vienna Award in 1938 when her hometown was awarded to Hungary Viera's father was taken to a labor camp after the Aryanization of his shop; however, he was released soon ... arrows 

Edita Grosmanová (1924)

born on July 11, 1924 in Humenné as the third out of seven children her father worked as a glazier, during the Slovak State he obtained a presidential exception in 1942, Edita was taken on the first transport from her area to Auschwitz she was in Auschwitz with ... arrows 

Ing. Vladimír Hamal (1924) video clip available

born 14 January 1924 in Olomouc childhood in Šumperk witnessed the German inhabitants of Šumperk attacking the local Czech minority after the Munich Agreement, the family fled from Šumperk January 1943, assigned to forced labour at the AEG factory in Berlin ... arrows 

M.D. Ján Hanák (1935)

born on October 2, 1935 in Žilina 1941 began attending elementary school in Žilina the end of year 1944 until May 1945 he and his brother spent in Sereď and Theresienstadt concentration camps 1947 – 1951 studied at middle school in Žilina 1951 – 1952 ... arrows 

Marie Hauserová (1924)

born 25 April 1924 in Košice grew up in a foster family, worked for a farmer from the age of fifteen forced labour in the Reich, in Leipzig, ran away informed on, sent to work at an aircraft factory in Prague-Modřany informed on again, sent to the Small ... arrows 

František Havlůj (1920 - 2014)

apprenticeship in the Waltrovka works member of the illegal group “Communist youth” arrest and transport to Mauthausen ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Ladislav Havrišák (1923)

Born on 10 Sep 1923 in Pčoliné in eastern Slovakia Joined Slovak Army on 1 Sep 1943 Served in Zvolen barracks 1944 – Slovak National Uprising Guerrilla warfare Arrest Auschwitz concentration camp, prisons in Gera and Hof Returned home in 1945 Post-war ... arrows 

Louise Hermanová (1916 - 2013)

born May 8th 1916 in Svitavy mother died in 1918 of Spanish flu, father owned a shop with gentlemen’s wear completed her primary and secondary education in Svitavy, then studied a Montessori school in Prague For anti-jewish laws she worked as a governess in ... arrows 

Hana Hnátová (1924)

born 20 June 1924 in Prague into the Jewish family of Lustig her father was a small businessman, her mother a seamstress one brother - Arnošt Lustig, two years younger expelled from grammar school for racial reasons 1941, worked at the Treuhandstelle ... arrows 



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