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Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp

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Nazism (3266) Political prisoners (2409)

List of witnesses

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Věra Jílková (1922)

born 1 February 1922 in Hronov Czech-oriented Jewish family graduated at the Jewish grammar school in Brno December 1942, whole family transported to Terezín youth work in Terezín December 1943, deported to Auschwitz family camp, work in the Kinderheim ... arrows 

Miloslava Jirasová, roz. Studničková (1913)

born on November 27th, 1913 in Lidice life of Lidice farmers marriage with Jaroslav Podhora burning Lidice down interned in the concentration camp Ravensbrück death march in April 1945 marriage with Karel Jiras life of farmers under the Communist regime ... arrows 

Elly Jouzová, roz. Baranová (1933)

2nd July 1933 born in Prague, her parents active, ardent Communist Party members, father worked for the Party Committee 26th February 1940 parents arrested by gestapo, the reason: Communist Party resistance activities, father went through Theresienstadt, Dachau, ... arrows 

Erika Juklová (1927)

born April 19th, 1927 in a poor family in Miszkolc (Hungary) imprisoned in Birkenau worked in an ammunition factory in the subsidiary camp in Buchenwald after the war lived in Czechoslovakia, studied a nursing school employed as a lab analyst in a histology ... arrows 

Miloslava Kalibová (1922)

born December 29, 1922 living in Slovakia at the time when the Slovak State was established experienced the extermination of Lidice, her father was executed interned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp death march the first commemoration ceremony in ... arrows 

Karel Kalvach (1924 - 2014) video clip available

born 26 November 1924 in Hradec Králové fled from forced labour special correctional facility, the so-called Sondererziehungslagers spent several months hiding in Hradec Králové member of the Church of Brethren June 1962, sentenced to two years of prison by ... arrows 

JUDr. Stanislav Kaska (1919)

comes from a farmer’s family studied at the Law faculty witnessed the closing of Czech universities arrested and transported to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp after the release, worked in an agricultural cooperative in Běšiny returned to the ... arrows 

Slavomír Klaban (1922)

born on 24th August 1922 in Hradec Králové son of the first-republican politician of the social democracy František Klaban during the war actively participated in the home resistance, at first within the Defence of the Nation group, then helped the parachutists ... arrows 

Josef Klat (1922)

born 16th June 1922 into a family of Viennese Czechs learned the locksmithing craft according to family tradition a member of the patriotic groups Sokol and Omladina Komenského [Komenský's Youth] joined the Communist resistance in 1939 arrested by the Gestapo ... arrows 

Jozef Klein (1942 - 2018)

born on March 18, 1942 in Bratislava in 1942 the family shop was aryanized in 1944 Jozef and his grandmother were deported into Theresienstadt concentration camp they returned home after the war and met with Jozef’s mother, Jozef’s father didn’t survive the ... arrows 



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