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Slovak army soldier during 1939 - 1945

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Peter Bednárik (1922)

born in 1922 in Drahovce, Slovakia since his early childhood he used to help at his parents' farmstead in 1942 he had to enlist in the army and was assigned to the 1st Artillery Regiment Topoľčany since July 1943 he served on the Eastern Front in 1945 he fled ... arrows 

Richard Brhlík (1938)

born 28th March 1938 in Hlohovec father, Antonín Brhlík, an artillery lieutenant father left to join the foreign army: Palestine, Great Britain, the USSR paratrooper training in the UK died 12th September 1944 at Dukla witness studied mechanical ... arrows 

Jan Bugel (1923 - 2011) video clip available

born August 23rd 1923 in Kalniště in Slovakia 1943 basic military service in Prešov, assists the commander, then serves as a messenger in the unit 1944 move to Poprad and Banská Bystrica, from there sent to deliver military supplies to the mountains and bunkers ... arrows 

Jozef Citterberg (1921 - 2014)

born on January 26, 1921, in the Slovak village of Beňuš, Gasparovo, in the district of Brezno over Hronom from June to December 1939 he was an agricultural worker in Mecklenburg, Germany October 1942 - started military service in the Slovak Army became ... arrows 

Jozef Činčala (1921 - 2007)

born on October, the 28th, 1921 in Slovakia, in Čadca region after he trained to be a machine fitter in Vítkovice he was sent to work in Germany in 1941 he escaped back to Slovakia he worked as a civilian for a while, but then he was mobilized and entered the ... arrows 

Lieutenant General (ret.) Josef Činčár (1921 - 2013)

born in 1921 in Michalovce 1942–1944 he served as a rank-and-file soldier with the air-force regiment of the Slovak army in 1944 he fled to Poland to join the Czechoslovak army after his training, he served as a pilot in the Czechoslovak army he participated ... arrows 

Rudolf Dlugopolský (1921) video clip available

Born on December 13, 1921 in a village of Lovča in Slovakia In 1941 joined the Slovak army Participated in the Slovak National Upraise Fought in trenches near the village Biely Potok in Revúcká dolina Stayed several months in a prisoner camp Stalag XI-A near ... arrows 

Jozef Giertl (1921 - 2012)

born on February 24, 1921 in Čierny Balog in central Slovakia 1941 – joined the sapper units of the Slovak Army 1943 – transferred to Crimea, didn’t participate directly in the fights, pyrotechnics, later joined the partisan forces 1943 – shortly imprisoned by ... arrows 

Vojtěch Gregor (1918)

born 1918 into a Jewish family grew up and completed grammar school in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia studied chemistry in Prague, returned to Slovakia in 1939 sympathised with the Freethought movement 1940, arrested for resistance activity, placed in ... arrows 

Koloman Hamar (1922)

born on October 14, 1922 in Nová Ves nad Žitavou grew up outside of Paris (Porte de Clichy) when Germans took over Paris, he returned to Slovakia and joined the army returned from Crimea by foot as a deserter joined partisans, crossed the river Hron with them ... arrows 



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