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People helping Jews during WWII

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Holocaust (926) Nazism (3146)

List of witnesses

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Lieutenant (ret.) Marie Škrabánková (1925) video clip available

born September 25, 1925 in Hlinsk in Volhynia her father Vladimír Novák fought in the Polish army in 1939 during the war the family was hiding a Jewish woman from Podcurkov 1944 joined the Czechoslovak corps as a nurse a course for nurses in Kiev till the ... arrows 

Ing. František Štěpán (1917)

born March 31, 1917 in Uhříněves helping Czech emigrants during the war involved in the resistance movement in the Rychnov region appointed the state administrator of the company Brandt after the war interned in Jáchymov for six years ... arrows 

Arpád Tarnóczy (1936) video clip available

he was born in 1936 in Nováky in an aristocratic family he studied at the Roman Catholic public school in Nováky, then continued studying in Prievidza and Šaštín as a nine-year-old boy he secretly delivered papers and some money essential for escape to their ... arrows 

Ing. Miloslav Tesař (1929)

born 1929 in Česká Třebová lived with his parents in the house where an assembly place for Jews was established in 1943 before their deportations to the Terezín ghetto the family was helping their Jewish neighbours – shopping and sending letters 1943 helping ... arrows 

Věroslava Tkáčová (1924)

born 26 September 1924 in Ostrava-Michálkovice peaceful childhood in Ostrava-Mariánské Hory her father was falsely reported and arrested by the Gestapo her relatives were taken to the Mauthausen concentration camp repeatedly saved from forced labour by the ... arrows 

Věra Tomanová (1931)

5th July 1931 born in Náchod 13th December 1943 grandparents deported to Terezín (died in Osvětim in 1944) spring 1944 mother and uncle Karel deported to Hagibor, then Terezín autumn 1944 father sent to camp in Silesia for work autumn 1944 brother Pavel sent ... arrows 

Ludmila Uhlířová (1922) video clip available

born on the 1st of April 1922 in Bludov, Volhynia, back then belonging to Poland during Soviet era the family was designated for transportation to Siberia witnessed mass murders of Jews Bandera group almost beat her brother to death in 1947 the family ... arrows 

Susana Urbanová (1933)

Born on October 6, 1933 in Třebíč Originated from a mixed Jewish-German family 1940 –dismissed from school Witnessed the deportations of Jews from Třebíč during the war March 5, 1943 – her father Arnošt Beneš perished in Auschwitz A large part of her ... arrows 

Ľubomír Vacek (1932)

born in 1932 in Hlohovec studied at grammar school in Hlohovec strongly affected by generous help of his father during the WWII and his involvement in the Slovak National Uprising happened to be an unreliable person for the communist regime spent his military ... arrows 

Ludevít Végh (1921 - 2016)

Born to a Jewish family in Košice in 1921. Avoided the draft to labour camps and in 1941 escaped to Budapest. Lived in Budapest as an illegal, worked as an electrician and in a chemical factory. 1942-1944 arrested and sent to forced labour camps in Galanta, Vác ... arrows 



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