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People helping Jews during WWII

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Holocaust (1008) Nazism (3275)

List of witnesses

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Hildegarda Sedlářová (1926) video clip available

Born in Šternberk in 1926 German nationality Her family saved Jewish woman Gesslerová Was in the RAD camp near Forst Her family was not transferred Brother Rudolf fled to Germany in 1949 She currently lives in Šternberk ... arrows 

Anežka Stránská (1925)

Born in 1922 in Dalečín in Vysočina In 1939 joined the cloister in Rajhrad, accepted a religious name Bonifácie Active in Brně during war In 1945 returned to Rajhrad 1951 sentencing of the mother superior to seventeen years in prison Transferring sisters to ... arrows 

Jaroslava Svobodová, roz. Smutná (1915)

born April 2, 1915 in Světlá nad Sázavou the family moved to Slovakia after the declaration of the Czechoslovak independence after the separation of Slovakia in 1939 the family returned to Bohemia fell in love with Franti Wurmfeld, a Jew who died in a ... arrows 

JUDr. Gabriel Szász (1929)

Born in 1929 in Bratislava A member of the Hashomer Hatzair organization Brother Antonín left to Palestine, where he joined the Czechoslovak Foreign Army Anti-Jewish manifestations of the Slovak State Attacked by a German boy Family business was handed over ... arrows 

Colonel Karel Šerák (1923 - 2016)

born 20th July 1923 in Český Boratín, Volhynia learnt the locksmithing craft, but did not finish school after the Soviet occupation in 1939 he worked on the construction of a railroad and an airfield after the arrival of the German army in 1941, witnessed the ... arrows 

Mária Ševčíková (1935)

Mária Ševčíková was born in 1935 in Hlohovec during the war her parents Michal and Barbora were hiding their acquaintances - a Jewish family of Sterns despite of exposing the whole family to danger, they still decided to take this risk the communists violently ... arrows 

Jan Šinogl (1949)

born on September 25, 1949 in Znojmo after completing elementary school he started his vocational training the events in August 1968 and the death of philosopher Jan Patočka in 1977 turned him into an active member of the resistance movement against the communist ... arrows 

František Škarda (1928)

born 9 July 1928 in the solitude of Hájek near Lubenec in the Sudetes 1940, the Škardas were forced to abandon the family farm and move into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia spent most of the war at the manor farm in Baldov near Domažlice from April ... arrows 

Lieutenant (ret.) Marie Škrabánková (1925 - 2012) video clip available

born September 25, 1925 in Hlinsk in Volhynia her father Vladimír Novák fought in the Polish army in 1939 during the war the family was hiding a Jewish woman from Podcurkov 1944 joined the Czechoslovak corps as a nurse a course for nurses in Kiev till the ... arrows 

Ing. František Štěpán (1917)

born March 31, 1917 in Uhříněves helping Czech emigrants during the war involved in the resistance movement in the Rychnov region appointed the state administrator of the company Brandt after the war interned in Jáchymov for six years ... arrows 



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