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People helping Jews during WWII

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Holocaust (1021) Nazism (3291)

List of witnesses

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Zdena Matějová (1934)

born in 1934 in Kamýk nad Vltavou her father was a building contractor, her mother was a housewife the family moved to Sedlc u Sedlčan in 1936 during the war she witnessed deportations of local Jews in 1943 the school building in Sedlc was taken over by ... arrows 

Jitka Matoušková (1920 - 2017)

Born in 1920 in Olomouc. Father Jiří Hejda - a lawyer, economist, and journalist. Family moved to Prague. Her father became the director of the ČKD and later founded a factory for kitchenware. Father hid his Jewish wife in a villa in Prague, Na Cibulce. ... arrows 

Sergeant Mikuláš Matuševský (1919 - 2005)

Born 8th May 1919 into a Czech family in the village of Korostovo in Volhynia, trained as tailor Conscripted to Red Army in 1940, relieved of service due to health problems Between 1941-1944 lived in Mirotin, married, had Jewish child in hidding Enlisted in ... arrows 

Captain (retired) Evženie Melíková (1924 - 2011)

born 11 November 1924 in Bludov, Volhynia, which was under Polish governance experienced both the Soviet and the Nazi occupation of Volhynia 15 August 1944, joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps in Rovno August-October 1944, underwent medical training in ... arrows 

Antonie Militká (1928)

born in 1928 in Brno into a half-jewish marriage her father was the caretaker of Maccabi campus which served to the Jewish community anti-Jewish repression, confiscation of the familie´s property in January 1943 the contemporary was included into a transport ... arrows 

Karla Moravcová (1926)

Born in 1926 in Prague - Břevnov During WW2 an aerial bomb fell down their garden Forced labour in a company TAL at the Prague-Kbely airport A member of Přemysl Pitter choir in the Milíčov house Participant of the project Castles – cared for Jewish children ... arrows 

JUDr. Jaroslav Musial (1921)

born on 13th May 1921 in Heřmanice helping people to cross borders in 1939 escape tu Hungary forced labour in Norway protest against the execution of Milada Horáková imprisoned in Pankrác politically motivated layoff he became senator after Velvet ... arrows 

Jozef Nemlaha (1925) video clip available

he was born on February 27, 1925 in Malé Košecké Podhradie near Ilava as a blacksmith’s son; he finished the public and also municipal school and in 1940 – 1944 he studied to be a tradesman; he spent the last months of war in the house of his parents, where the ... arrows 

Květoslava Neradová roz. Pánková (1933 - 2016)

born April 9, 1933 in Prague into the family of a forensic medicine institute assistant, she died in 2016. 1951 – graduated from grammar school, began studying Czech and Russian at the Faculty of Arts assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Arts teaching Old Czech ... arrows 

Olha Antonovna Nesvizha (1926)

born 19 October 1926 in Ozerany, Volhynia, under Polish rule August 1943, her brother Hnat joined the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and was killed later that autumn 1944, arrested by the Soviets for helping the insurgents sentenced to ten years of prison in ... arrows 



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