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People helping Jews during WWII

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Holocaust (926) Nazism (3146)

List of witnesses

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Eva Goldstein (1921)

born February 26, 1921 in a Jewish family in Prague was a co-founder of the Zionist movement El Al before the war in 1939 she and her husband Jan Kaufmann were late to leave the country Věra (Eva’s twin sister) was the only one from the family who emigrated ... arrows 

Alois Holub (1917)

he was born on June 11th 1917 in Bitovcice he is skilled joiner from the master Jelinek´s workshop in Valašské Meziříčí he was mobilized in 1938, but later was freed from the army services due to his health condition together with his friends he participated in ... arrows 

Josef Holý (1933)

born 11 June 1933 in Dubno, Volhynia Soviet (1939-1941) and Nazi (1941-1944) occupation of western Volhynia spring 1944, deported with his parents to Przemyśl 1944-1945, internment camps in Przemyśl, Gdynia and Toruń attended a German school 1945, escaped ... arrows 

Erika Hrochová (1928)

Born on January 15, 1928 in Austrian Salzburg Father Austrian, mother Czech Jew In 1936 her mother died Moved to Prague, education provided by her aunts Made up Arian ancestors in a school form In 1941 aunt Růžena deported to Theresienstadt Education ... arrows 

Ing. Karel Janeček (1927)

born in August 1927 in Náchod his father and grandfather were renowned car producers his mother supported Slovak partisans and former Auschwitz prisoners throughout the war during the war his father developed weapons in England attended a grammar school in ... arrows 

Jan Jelínek (1912 - 2009)

Born on May 19, 1912, in the Polish town of Zelov Raised in a family of descendants of Czech evangelical exiles Worked as an accountant at the Jan Sláma firm Studied in a missionary school in Olomouc - pastor of the Evangelical Church Preacher in 1937-1944 in ... arrows 

Private First Class Josef Kaluža (1923)

born 10th January 1923 in Karviné drafted into the Wehrmacht and fought in Italy 3 months in a POW camp transfered to Algeria joined the Czechoslovak Army in England instructor for a tank battalion fought at Dunkirk, 1944 awarded the War Cross, 1st, 2nd ... arrows 

Antonie Kašparová (1935) video clip available

born on 25th June, 1935 in Zborov upon Volyn in a former Poland as a child spent a majority of her summers in Czech Malin saved four-member Jewish family from Ostrožec in Czech Malíně the Germans killed her parents, eight uncles and aunts and about fourteen ... arrows 

József Kelemen dr. (1931) video clip available

born in 1931 in Baltavár (Vas county) He remembers that only a few people joined the Arrowcross Party - those were the ones who wanted to gain bigger respect in the village. As the Russians soldiers occupied the village they wanted food and wine right away. He ... arrows 

Mgr. Naďa Köhlerová (1944)

born on 2 September 1944 in Žilina to Věra Šaradinová, a Jew who had been in hiding in a cellar since 1942 after her birth, her mother was hiding with her in the mountains and later in a cellar in Žilina she only learned about her Jewish origin and about her ... arrows 



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