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Forced labour during the WW2

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Nazism (3266)

List of witnesses

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František Herget (1923) video clip available

Born October 21, 1923 in Pilsen. Trade academy. 1943–1945 on forced labor in Germany, in Schleissheim near Munich in antiaircraft depots. Called themselves “Flakaři “– had regular reunions. 1945–1947 – military service. Working in the West Bohemian Consumer ... arrows 

Vratislav Herold (1927 - 2010)

1927 in Rakovník studying trade academy 1944 – forced labour in a ceramic factory in Rakovník working on trenches with the League Against Bolshevism immediately after the war joined the Communist party military service with the border guard; worked as a ... arrows 

Nina Vojtěška Heřmanová (1928)

born 12 February 1928 in Prague-Holešovice 1944, forced labour at Sigma 1946, graduated from business academy and found employment at the Printing Works of the Industrial Union 1950, married Karel Heřman 1951, forced to do manual labour at ČKD Stalingrad ... arrows 

Libuše Hittmanová (1923) video clip available

born as Libuše Königsmarková on March 28, 1923 in Zbůch studied the Baťa School of Work for young women and a trade academy 1943-1945 conscripted labour in Germany, working in ammunition factories in Fürth near Nuremberg and in Holýšov fell seriously ill in May ... arrows 

PhDr. Stanislav Hlava (1926)

born December 22, 1926 in Bozkov September 1, 1938 enrolled in the eight-year grammar school in Turnov, arrival of classmates from the Sudetenland occupation by the German army and the war years November 22, 1944 conscripted labour in Havlíčkův (Německý) Brod ... arrows 

Corporal (ret.) Michal Hlavička (1923)

Born on 12 March 1923 in Budkovce, Slovakia 1942 – forced labour in Mimoň Fled from forced labour deployment to Ukraine via Slovakia Contact with Kovpak's Soviet guerrillas Went back to Žilina Joined M. R. Štefánik Guerrillas on 1 August 1944, Slovak ... arrows 

Jiřina Hloušková (1921) video clip available

born April 18, 1921 in Horní Bečva her father was a legionnaire in Russia during WWI harsh life in poverty during the First Republic era Totaleinsatz in Berlin and Dresden in 1943 1943-1945 forced labour in the ironworks in Vítkovice relationship with a ... arrows 

Captain (ret.) Vladimír Hnetecký (1927 - 2013)

Born on 7 July, 1927, in Dubno in Volhynia, in a Ukrainian-Czech family 1944 - taken to work in a tank factory in Chelyabinsk 1944 - the driver of a reconnaissance tank, tank troop of the 2nd Division, 1st Brigade of the Polish Army Was in action in Poland, ... arrows 

Františka Hocková (1945)

born 30 January 1945 in Lübeck daughter of a Czech father and a Polish mother who met while assigned to forced labour in Germany spent the second half of 1945 with her mother at a sanatorium in Sweden winter 1945-1946, her mother took her on a difficult journey ... arrows 

Ondřej Hoffmann

born June 6, 1926 in Mrákov in the Domažlice region at the end of the war forced to serve in the Technische Nothilfe units in Prague and Kladno in spring 1945 witnessed the liberation of his native region by the American army and the retreat of Germans after ... arrows 



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