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Forced labour during the WW2

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List of witnesses

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Karel Fořt (1921 - 2014) video clip available

born November 8, 1921 in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem childhood in Vodňany, later in Horažďovice grammar school in Strakonice and České Budějovice active in scouting, led a scout troop in České Budějovice 1940 arrested by the Gestapo, briefly imprisoned 1941 ... arrows 

Miloslav Frank (1924)

was born on 27th July in 1924 in Bánovice nad Bebravou in Slovakia he got trained in repairing cars in 1944-1950 he had studied at monastic schools of Salesian congregation 13.–14. 4. 1950 „The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre“ 1950–1957 Frank had continued in ... arrows 

Mája Fricová (1927)

born May 31, 1927 studied a trade academy from 1942 in 1944 spent half a year in a German college September 1944 – Totaleinsatz - work in a factory in Křivoklát after the war worked in the administrative department of the Czechoslovak National Socialist ... arrows 

Blažena Froncová (1924)

Born on February 10, 1924, in Jičín 1939 – began to study at a business academy 1941 – began to work at the regional (district) council 1943 – forced labor in Nová Paka 1948 – the council was taken over by the Communist party 1950 – was dismissed from the ... arrows 

Sláva Gajdošíková (1923) video clip available

Born on 10 February, 1923 in Holovni České Childhood in USSR Uncle taken to gulag during collectivisation Since 1945 until the end of war in a forced labour in a village of Eistrup in Germany In Eistrup experienced bombing in August 1942 In a collective ... arrows 

Karel Gebauer (1915)

born February 4, 1915 in Lesní Albrechtice studying trade academy in Opava 1935-37 military service in the 15th infantry regiment in Opava April 5, 1938 joined the Financial Border Guard May 24, 1938 mobilization into the State Defence Guard after the ... arrows 

Bořivoj Grepl (1926)

Born on 9 October, 1926 in a family of a tailor in Hrochov Apprenticed a tailor, taught organ playing After war left to Brno – organ and pedagogic education In 1958 released from job Family persecuted due to faith Until 1989 could only work in manual ... arrows 

Jaroslav Grosman (1924 - 2012)

born 13th August 1924, Roztoky by Jilemnice 1944, forced labour in the Daimler-Benz factory in Nová Paka illegally crossed the borders to Poland, crossed the Eastern Front and was captured by the Red Army; accused of espionage, sentenced to prison; escaped during ... arrows 

Bedřich Hájek (1920 - 2014) video clip available

born August 2, 1920 in Prostějov in forced labour in Dresden working as a latheman, interpreter, foreman and clerical worker January 1944 returned to Prostějov spring 1945 joined the local partisan group Prostějov took part in a partisan action when they ... arrows 

Lieutenant (ret.) Oldřich Halad (1922)

born in Salesian Ostrava on October 4, 1922 studied at seven-year Military Music School in Prague, dismissed in fall 1938 on his way back to Ostrava was arrested by the Polish, fled home to Skřečoň forced to labor in Bohumín ironworks on July 1, 1942 sent to ... arrows 



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