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Forced labour during the WW2

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List of witnesses

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Alois Čoček (1925) video clip available

Born in 1925 in Střítež nad Ludinou Worked for the railways in Nuremberg Bombing of Nuremberg Attempt to flee abroad Sentenced to 10 years in 1949 Bory prison, Pankrác Jáchymov labor camps (Bratrství, Rovnost, Ležnice) Brother Josef was an agent of the ... arrows 

Miloš Čulík (1924 - 2012)

born in the village Očová in Slovakia on November 23rd, 1924 after the divorce of his parents he was brought up by his Granddad in Roudnice nad Labem he was trained as an auto-mechanic and went to study at the Secondary School of Engineering in Roudnice nad ... arrows 

Lidmila Daňková (1923 - 2010)

born in Podlusky at Roudnice nad Labem on March 15th, 1923 after finishing primary school she started studying at Grammar School in Roudnice nad Labem in 1938 she was held in Terezín from June 20th till September 22nd 1942, during the government of Heydrich ... arrows 

Jan Decker (1928) video clip available

born January 2, 1928 in České Budějovice spring 1945 - conscripted labour in Napajedla, digging trenches study at the Law Faculty of Charles University, expelled in December 1948 at the end of December 1948 arrested by the StB police due to his involvement in ... arrows 

Leonida Dobšová (1926)

born April, 14, 1926 in the village Monasteryshche in Ukraine in 1941 survived an attack of the German army in Kiev, after her return to her native village witnessed a massacre of Jews, taken for work to Germany in the early 1945 managed to escape and she walked ... arrows 

Karel Dolista (1921 - 2016)

born on 9 September 1921 in Kovářov from 1942 to 1943 assigned to forced labor in Magdeburg after WWII graduated from Charles University with a degree in history in February 1948 participated in the student march towards the Prague Castle after graduation ... arrows 

Marie Drnková (1924)

born in Újezdec in Strakonice region on October 23rd, 1924 sent to forced labor in the German town Kassel at the beginning of 1944 moved to Pforzheim from Kassel where she was till March 1945 fled from Germany back to Czechoslovakia worked in Agriculture ... arrows 

Antonín Drong (1925) video clip available

Born on 21 Feb 1925 in Mosty u Jablunkova August 1939 - Polish army occupy part of their house Witnessed the Jablunkov incident in the night from 25 to 26 August 1939 Witnessed the battle for the Jablunkov tunnel on 1 September 1939 1940-1941 - forced labour ... arrows 

Zorica Dubovská, roz. Horáčková (1926)

born April 11, 1926 in Prague experienced the German occupation of Prague 1944-1945, forced labour at Wegena in Prague experienced the liberation of Prague saw Vlasov’s Army move through Smíchov 1950, graduated from the University of Economic Sciences ... arrows 

Jiřina Dupalová (1924)

1924, born in Kutná Hora 1928, moved to Košťálov 1941, went to Prague to study a language school June 1942, witnessed the Gestapo operation against the paratroopers sheltering in the Church of Sts Cyril and Methodius in Prague 1943, forced labour in Semily - ... arrows 



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