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Forced labour during the WW2

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List of witnesses

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PhDr. Dobromila Vaňková (1925)

born 5 January 1925 in Háj near Opava from 1938, lived away from her family in a refugee camp for displaced Czechs in Ostrava attended grammar school; participated in illegal Scout activities 1942-1944, imprisoned by the Gestapo in Ostrava and Wrocław 1944, ... arrows 

Emilie Varská, roz. Andělová (1923) video clip available

born 20 June 1923 in Moldava, Volhynia, under Polish rule 1942-1944, forced labour in Hirtenberg, Enzesfeld, and Kottingbrunn 1944, arrested in Germany by the Red Army for alleged espionage (actually for working in the German arms industry) 1944, sentenced to ... arrows 

Ludevít Végh (1921 - 2016)

Born to a Jewish family in Košice in 1921. Avoided the draft to labour camps and in 1941 escaped to Budapest. Lived in Budapest as an illegal, worked as an electrician and in a chemical factory. 1942-1944 arrested and sent to forced labour camps in Galanta, Vác ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Jan Velík (1921 - 2016)

Born on August 2, 1921, in Hodonín 1941 – forced labor in the German town of Malchow Ran away from forced labor Was drafted to the Trnava garrison of the Slovak army on 1 October, 1941 Dispatched to the Soviet Union on 22 June, 1942 Fled from the Slovak ... arrows 

Josef Veltruský

born on 18th December 1926 studied to become a confectioner in Pilsen from 1939 deployed to work in Pilsen Škoda factories in 1944 after the war he joined the military service, participated in the expulsion of Germans from the border regions worked as a miner ... arrows 

Ladislav Vítek (1924 - 2015) video clip available

born 25 July 1924 in Bystřička his family lived in the settlement U Čulíků in Růžďka his family helped partisans forced labour at the Vítkovice Ironworks repeatedly fled from forced labour imprisoned in Vsetín for two months hid with the Braveneces in ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Mikuláš Vondráček (1923) video clip available

born 15 June 1923 in Sofievka, Volhynia (under Polish administration) 1943, escaped an assignment of forced labour in Germany assigned to dig trenches near Dubno to stop the Red Army 15 March 1944, joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps served as a signaller ... arrows 

Marie Vrhelová (1929)

Born October 21, 1929 in Albrechtice in the Šumava Mountains Experienced first-hand the coexistence of Germans and Czechs, the conflicts before the war and the occupation of the borderlands Her father arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo, later sent to do ... arrows 

Jaroslav Vrtálek (1921)

born 1921 near Olomouc 1939 escaped from a train taking him for conscripted labour to Germany via Poland and the USSR got to the Middle East experienced the fighting at Tobruk voyage on the Mauretania ship in England retrained as a dispatch rider in a tank ... arrows 

Květoslav Vrtěl (1922) video clip available

born 1922 in Polkovice during the war doing conscripted labour in the village of Mönchhof in Austria the family refused to join the Unified Agricultural Cooperative during the collectivization process sentenced to a one-year prison term in 1958 interned in ... arrows 



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