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A secret police collaborator

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Communism (3644) Secret services (85)

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Miroslav Berkovský (1916)

his father worked for prince Paar as an administrator of the prince’s estate otec studying a trade academy official in the Czechoslovak Grain Association wedding on April 25, 1943 Obilosvaz, the dissolution of the company high-ranking official at the ... arrows 

Toman Brod (1929)

was born on 18th January 1929 to a Jewish family living in Prague July 1942 - he was deported to Terezin with his mother and brother December 1943 - he was assigned to a transport heading to Auschwitz, he survived there in the “child’s block” B2b until June 1944 ... arrows 

Ján Gronský (1928)

born 25th May 1928 in Likavka, Liptov district, Slovakia while in grammar school, he was a member of an anti-Fascist resistance group 1944, fled to Hungary 1945, member of the 4th Brigade of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps, liberated Ružomberok after the war, ... arrows 

Koloman Hamar (1922)

born on October 14, 1922 in Nová Ves nad Žitavou grew up outside of Paris (Porte de Clichy) when Germans took over Paris, he returned to Slovakia and joined the army returned from Crimea by foot as a deserter joined partisans, crossed the river Hron with them ... arrows 

Kamil Haťapka (1932)

born on March 3, 1932 in Spišská Nová Ves graduated from Technical Secondary School of Exact Mechanics and Optics in Přerov pursued cycling since the age of 15 in 1961 he founded a Czechoslovak cycling club Inter Slovnaft Bratislava as a coach of the ... arrows 

Vratislav Herold (1927 - 2010)

1927 in Rakovník studying trade academy 1944 – forced labour in a ceramic factory in Rakovník working on trenches with the League Against Bolshevism immediately after the war joined the Communist party military service with the border guard; worked as a ... arrows 

Ondřej Hoch (1948 - 2016)

born 6 December 1948 in Prague after primary school, attended a secondary vocational school learnt excellent Arabian 1967-1969, compulsory military service 1975, worked at the Public Security (police) criminal department, later in surveillance studied ... arrows 

Jiří Imlauf (1966) video clip available

born 6 September 1966 in Žatec graduated from the Faculty of Education of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem 1987, attended an unauthorised commemorative event at John Lennon Wall in Prague 1988, contacted by State Security because of it ... arrows 

Antonín Kachlík (1923)

born February 26, 1923 in Kladno-Rozdělov the family moved to Prague in 1931 studying trade academy in Prague-Karlín graduated in May 1942 forced labour in the Luftschutzpolizei in the Ruhr region in Germany fighting the fire of the cathedral of Saints ... arrows 

Alois Kánský (1954 - 2008)

he was born on October 20th 1954 he graduated on the Faculty of Theology in Litoměřice town ordained by cardinal Tomášek in 1978 started his career as a parson in Plzeň town functioned in Libčice, in Unětice, in Roztoky, in Prague etc. signed the ... arrows 



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