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List of witnesses

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Lic. René Manzano Gómez (1943)

born in 1943 in Cuba high-school studies in an English school until 1959 studies at the University of Havana, without graduation (graduation until 1968) 1961 – 1966 studies in Moscow, Bachelor title in Right 1966 return to Cuba 1968 – 1972 work at ... arrows 

Doc.,JUDr. Václav Mezřický

born on 11 November 1934 in Kolín 1953 began studying law in Prague 1958 didn't pass cadre vetting; had to suspend studies for two years 1965 left the Bar 1966 his brother emigrated to the West 1968-1969 secretary of the prosecutor general Miloš Čeřovský ... arrows 



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