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List of witnesses

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Ivan Binar (1942)

was born on 25 June 1942 in Boskovice in Moravia graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Ostrava in 1963, studied Czech linguistics, history and arts, performed as a stage actor in the theater “Pod okapem” in Ostrava did his basic military service in ... arrows 

Jan Drábek (1935)

5th May 1935 born in Prague 6th March 1948 the family emigrated to Bavaria 1 10th September 1948 the family arrived in New York October 1961 begins to work for the Radio Free Europe September 1990 comes to Czechoslovakia to teach English 1992 - 1994 ... arrows 

Irena Eliášová (1953)

born on 3 May 1953 in the Roma settlement of Novésa, Slovakia in the 1960s her parents moved to Czechia to seek work after finishing elementary school began working as a seamstress got married and brought up three children in 2008 published a story book "Our ... arrows 

Eva Erbenová, roz. Löwidtová (1930)

born October 24, 1930 in Děčín as Eva Löwidtová assimilated Jewish family the family moved to Prague in 1936 in 1939 Eva refused to go to England in Winton’s transport December 10, 1941 – the family was deported to the ghetto in Terezín September 1944 – her ... arrows 

Cristina Feijóo (1944)

Born on 14 July, 1944 in Buenos Aires In her youth she was persecuted as a left-wing activist and several times imprisoned (1971–1973, 1976–1979) In 1979 she left with her only daughter, who was around sixteen back then to Swedish exile Shortly after the fall ... arrows 

Ilona Ferková (1956)

Born in 1956 1986-1989 leader of Amare Neni - a women's ensemble She has been writing since the late 1980s 1994-1998 - coordinator of a Romani kindergarten 1999-2003 - living in England 2016 - retirement 2003 - foster mother 2017 – a member of the ... arrows 

Marketa Goetz-Stankiewicz (1927)

15th February born in Liberec 1935 - 1948 the family live in Místek in Northern Moravia 1942 - 1945 works in the Photographic Studio Doda 1944 - 1945 her father imprisoned in Theresienstadt September 1948 the family emigrate to Canada 1950 - 1955 Markéta ... arrows 

Professor, PhDr. František X. Halas (1937)

born in 1937 in Prague to the family of the poet František Halas 1943 started elementary school in Kunštát na Moravě, later continuing in Prague 1945 his brother Jan was born on 8 May 1949 death of his father 1952 began studying at a grammar school in ... arrows 

Miloš Horanský (1932)

born in 1932 in Slovakia met the Slovak president Jozef Tiso when he was a child after the rise od Hlinka’s Slovak People’s Party to power his family had to leave Slovakia studied theatre directing at DAMU in Prague and JAMU in Brno actively involved in the ... arrows 

Agnesa Horváthová (1949)

Born on April 4, 1949, in Ondavské Matiašovce in Eastern Slovakia After primary school she could not get professional training due to the family's poor financial condition In the early 1960s she and her family moved to Jinočany near Prague, where she met her ... arrows 



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