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Prisoners in the labour camps in Nováky, Sereď and Vyhne in Slovakia

List of witnesses

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Chanan Abeles (1929)

born on January 29, 1929 in Bratislava traditional Jewish family, his father was a trader from autumn 1944 hiding in Bratislava December 1944 – arrested and deported to Sereď January 1945 – Chanan Abeles and his father interned in Sachsenhausen, his mother ... arrows 

Miriam Kama roz. Langová (1938)

born 4 June 1938 in Bytča, Slovakia Jewish family, printing shop and stationery 1942, father deported to Majdanek, where he died 1942, the witness and her mother and sister were taken to a camp in Sereď August 1944, left Sereď, hid in Nitra and Brezová pod ... arrows 

Vera Meisels (1936)

born on June 10, 1936 she comes from a secularized Jewish family during the warlike Slovak Republic all members of the Meisels family were deprived of their property and civil rights Vera waited to see the end of the war in Theresienstadt concentration camp ... arrows 

Eli Stahl (1934)

born to a Jewish entrepreneur’s family in Bánovce nad Bebravou during the war, he and his mother were placed into a forced labor camp in Nováky in the winter of 1945 they were hiding in the mountains near Donovaly his father died in the Lublin ghetto in 1949 ... arrows 

Alžbeta Steinitzova (1929)

she was born on March 14, 1929 in Krušovce she moved with her family to nearby Topoľčany, where she attended elementary school . in the spring 1942 she had to leave with her family to the labor camp in Nováky until August 1944 she attended the elementary school ... arrows 

Otto Šimko (1924)

he was born on June 1, 1924 in Topoľčany in a family of a respected attorney and a judge majority of his childhood he spent in Nitra he couldn´t continue in his studies after the Slovak State was established (1939), he didn´t graduate and he was apprenticed as a ... arrows 



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