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Official in JZD

List of witnesses

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Květuše Havlíčková (1931)

born on October 24, 1931 in Prague 1938 - elementary school in Karlín 1940 – moved with his family to Vršovice 1940-1945 - general girls school in Heroldovy sady 1945 - father totally deployed in Trutnov, girls' grammar school in Vinohrady, boarding house ... arrows 

Zdeněk Ondruš (1921 - 2014)

born September 5, 1921 in the village Třebovice (now part of Ostrava) in 1924 he family moved to Carpathian Ruthenia to the settlement Malý Bakoš as the eldest son he took over the administration of the farm after the death of his father in October 1938 they ... arrows 

Jaromír Petlach (1924)

born September 11, 1924 helping his father at the family farm was to be sent to Germany to do forced labour during the war, but eventually stayed at home in 1957 his father joined the agricultural cooperative Jaromír Petlach became an agronomist and later the ... arrows 

Jan Štach (1925)

29th September 1925 born at Pozděchov, Moravian Wallachia 1937 student of the Masaryk Gymnasium, Vsetín 1940 brother Slávek, member of the Defence of the Nation, arrested by the Gestapo, died in prison helping partisans as a messenger during the war farmer ... arrows 



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