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Memory of vanished settlements

List of witnesses

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Ingeborg Bahrová (1933) video clip available

born 1933 in the village Kamenné (Steingrund in German) German national extinct village Kamenné (Steingrund in German) her brother Helmut drafted to the wehrmacht when he was fifteen years old the family was not included in the forced expulsion of Germans ... arrows 

Erika Bednarská (1946) video clip available

born February 18, 1946 in the village Hraničky (Gränzdorf in German) she is a German national now defunct village Hraničky (Gränzdorf in German) the family was not included in the deportation of Germans from Czechoslovakia during 1948 and 1949 the local ... arrows 

Vlastimil Binder (1934)

born February 21, 1934 in Ivaň in June 1945 his family was one of the first Czech settlers of the neighbouring village Mušov he trained in the Zbrojovka factory and then worked in the machinery industry all his life one of organizers of cultural and sports life ... arrows 

Alžběta Blahutová (1942) video clip available

Born on 17 March, 1940 in a village of Růženec (German Rosenkranz) German nationality Sister Pavla got married to a dead soldier of German Wehrmacht Brother Richard and sister Pavla displaced from Poland to Germany Most family members were not displaced ... arrows 

Marie Čuboková (1931) video clip available

Born on 27 June, 1931 in Stráž pri Čope Childhood in legionary colony In November 1938 expulsed by Hungarian soldiers After war they could not come back any more Privately farmed in a village of Úvalno Forced to join vstoupit agricultural cooperative In ... arrows 

Václav Daněk (1929)

born 9 July 1929 in Prague both his parents were teachers, amateur actors, Sokol members; his father actively promoted the North Bohemian Union movement before the annexation of the Sudetes, the family lived about a year in Kralupy near Chomutov, during the war ... arrows 

Marie Elšíková (1929) video clip available

born in 1929 in the village of Huta in Carpathian Ruthenia a Slovak national re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia in 1947 lived in the now extinct village Kamenná (Steingrund in German) now lives in Skorošice ... arrows 

Bernadeta Fourová (1933)

born 11 December 1933 in Líšeň her father fought in WW1, served with the Czechoslovak legions in Italy June 1945, the family moved from Líšeň to Mušov near the borders, her brother Jan wanted to start a farm 1948, her brothers Josef and Oldřich fled over the ... arrows 

František Gabčo (1948)

born 1948 in Ruská Nová Ves in Slovakia in 1962 began studying at a vocational school for miners in Karviná, but did not finish it in 1963 moved to Rotava with his parents from 1963 until 1967 employed by the Czechoslovak State Forests company in 1967 ... arrows 

Gertruda Galle (1932) video clip available

born 1935 in Horní Údolí (Upper Valley; German: Obergrund) German nationality had captives from Rejvíz working on farm family was not part of the deportation of Germans 1948, the family was forced to live in the Vyškov District married a German, Rudolf ... arrows 



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