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Svědci lokálních událostí z éry komunismu

List of witnesses

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Bohumír Zeman (1957)

Born on May 26, 1957, in Vrchlabí A former Czechoslovakian national team member in downhill skiing The only Czech skier to win a World Cup event (1981, combination, Kitzbühel) 17th ranking in the overall World Cup classification (1978/9) Three-time academic ... arrows 

Miloslav Zídka (1934) video clip available

Born on 15 November, 1934 in a village of Lensedly near Říčany 1940–1948 elementary school in Hrusice and secondary school in Mnichovice 1951 the father was pronounced gulag, arrested and imprisoned 1953 family was violently evicted from Lensedly in the ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel Eduard Zirnzák (1928)

born August 5, 1928 in Carpathian Ruthenia relocation in search of work 1938 outbreak of the war and the Hungarian occupation 1944 liberation of the Carpathian Ruthenia voluntarily joining the Czechoslovak army assigned to the Czechoslovak tank brigade ... arrows 

Ladislav Zošák (1929)

born on August 28, 1929 in Slávikovo (today Orávka) after the Vienna Award he and his family were evicted from their home, shortly after his mother died and the family moved to live in Martin he witnessed events of that time related to the Slovak National ... arrows 

Olbram Zoubek (1926 - 2017) video clip available

born on April 21, 1926 in Prague in a family of a teacher and a state official took part in fighting in the streets during the Prague Uprising 1945 admitted to Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design to professor Josef Wagner’s studio 1960s worked actively, ... arrows 

Ivan Zwach (1952)

Born on 12 June, 1952 in Rýmařov as Ivan Marieník Father was a guerrilla and a one of the founding members of the communist party of Slovakia In 1954 placed in the children shelter home in Edrovice near Rýmařov Monitored by the secret police, who signed a fake ... arrows 

Jana Žáková (1941)

born 24 June 1941 in Prague maiden name Jana Kudrnová her mother wrote her a diary that also made note of wartime events early childhood memories of the bombing of Prague graduated from a secondary school of pedagogics in Prague 1961, married career soldier ... arrows 

PhDr. Jakub Železný (1973)

born on 1 July 1973 in Prague his father was a journalist, both his parents were fired from their jobs in 1969-1970 participated in the demonstration to celebrate the founding of Czechoslovakia, held on 28 October 1988 also attended demonstrations during the ... arrows 

Zdeněk Žemlička (1908 - 2015)

Born Dec. 24, 1908, in Pelhřimov Grandson of a local printer and bookseller, Rudolf Rupp Graduated from grammar school in Pelhřimov in 1927 Studied law at Charles University, Prague Since 1932 worked at the District Court in České Budějovice In 1937 became ... arrows 

Ignác Žerníček (1922) video clip available

born July 3, 1924 during the war served in the village Štolnava (Stollenhau in German) in 1945 assigned as a supervisor in the Štolnava settlement witnessed the harassing of the Štolnava villagers by Soviet refugees the last living witness of the brutal ... arrows 



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