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Svědci lokálních událostí z éry komunismu

List of witnesses

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Master of Fine Arts Jarmila Sikytová, roz. Havlíková (1930) video clip available

born on August 1, 1930 in the mill in Dobřichovice, attended elementary school in this town after the war: trade academy, language school, and her first job as a “foreign language correspondent” admitted to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague ... arrows 

Jan Simandl (1930)

Born on 19 November, 1930 in Brno Father had a farm in Jiratice near Jemnice He was meant to take over the farm as the eldest son Between 1947 - 1949 attended so called Winter Agricultural School After the communistic coop his family was confiscated all ... arrows 

Mgr. Eva Sirotková-Franklin (1934)

born February 15, 1934 in central Ural in the village Gubakha to Czech parents Karel and Štěpánka Sirotek the Sirotek family returned from Russia immediately before the outbreak of the Second World War her father supported the ideals of communism and he joined ... arrows 

Walter Sitte (1935)

born April 14, 1935 in Hrádek nad Nisou in a German family 1938 – his father refused the draft to the wehrmacht, sentenced to three years of forced labour in Germany 1941 – his father sent to the eastern front with a penal unit, wounded, then fought at the ... arrows 

Joska Skalník (1948)

attended a trade school from 1965 – 1970 studies of high school of decorative arts witnessed the Soviet armies occupation from 1970 till 1977 worked in the State Theatre Studio since 1977 worked in the Drama Club member of the Jazz Section and publisher of ... arrows 

Rudolf Skaunic (1934)

born 1934 1954-1959, studied construction at the Faculty of Construction Engineering of the Technical University in Brno 1959-1965, worked as a site manager for Ingstav Brno from 1967, worked as a construction designer at Průmyslové stavby Gottwaldov (PSG) ... arrows 

JUDr. Jan Sklenář (1915 - 2013) video clip available

Born on October 14, 1915, in Prague Grew up first in Bohumín and later in Prague In 1935 he graduated from grammar school in Prague 19 Studied law at the university 1937 - military service During mobilization in 1938 belonged to the 125th Artillery in ... arrows 

Ing. Jan Sklenář (1922) video clip available

born 1922 in Vacanovice near Olomouc his father served as a legionnaire in Russia hiding weapons in Vacanovice his father was imprisoned during the German occupation his father survived a death march tragedy in Přestavlky on April 30, 1945 ... arrows 

Marián Sklenka (1930)

born on April 22, 1930 in Pitelová after the communist takeover, in 1948 he attempted to emigrate he was detained and imprisoned for a short time April 1951 – November 1953 – a member of the 60th PTP Regiment in Děčín editor of periodicals Ľud (People) and ... arrows 

Jan Skokan (1928) video clip available

born on May 26, 1928 in Štědrákova Lhota his brothers were briefly imprisoned in Šumperk in 1942 the family was helping partisans direct witness of a gunfight between partisans and a German unit on May 6, 1945 in Štědrákova Lhota served in the 55th Auxiliary ... arrows 



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