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Svědci lokálních událostí z éry komunismu

List of witnesses

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Drahomíra Šinoglová (1951)

born on July 27, 1951 in Stošíkovice in the Znojmo region the StB took an interest in her in 1970 when during the election she and her husband demonstrated their attitude to the political regime by using a voting booth and casting their votes in private both of ... arrows 

František Škarda (1928)

born 9 July 1928 in the solitude of Hájek near Lubenec in the Sudetes 1940, the Škardas were forced to abandon the family farm and move into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia spent most of the war at the manor farm in Baldov near Domažlice from April ... arrows 

Jan Škoda (1928 - 2018) video clip available

born 8 January 1928 in Žerotín his family was persecuted during the collectivisation from October 1950 to December 1953, forced labour in the AEC while in the AEC, worked in Julius Fučík Mine in Petřvald his brother also served in the AEC his father was ... arrows 

Josef Škrábek (1928)

Born on 23rd April, 1928 in Valeč near Karlovy Vary in a Czech and German family In 1938 - 1939 the family moved to Prague-Hostivař In 1944 - 1945 was deployed to forced labour as a lathe hand in Hostivař, and later to trench digging near Olomouc In 1948 - 1952 ... arrows 

Vratislav Škráček (1930) video clip available

born 4 January 1930 in Prakšice June 1945, the family moved to Dlouhá Loučka 1948, relinquished university studies on the recommendation of the school’s National Front Action Committee 1951-1953, served in the 55th Battalion of the Auxiliary Engineering Corps ... arrows 

Stanislav Šmatlák (1950)

born 19 May 1950 in Písek trained as a chef and a waiter late 1960s, metro construction worker in Prague from early 1970s, employed at Czech Railways received an employee flat in Masaryk Station in Prague remembers the time when the station was a busy place ... arrows 

Bonaventúra Terézia Šmídová (1954)

born on January 27, 1954 in Bratislava comes from a Christian family after graduating from the Secondary School of Economics in Bratislava she joined the secret Bratislava branch of religious order of St. Francis of Assisi March 27, 1983 - witnessed a State ... arrows 

Ing., CSc Prokop Šmirous (1939) video clip available

born August 29, 1939 in the village Leština u Světlé the family owned a large farm in Leština u Světlé his father Prokop Šmirous Sr. was sentenced to twelve years of imprisonment on May 19, 1951 their property was confiscated and the family was evicted his ... arrows 

Aloisie Šmolcnopová (1930)

Born on 21 December, 1930 in Kraslice Between 1931 - 1938 handed over for education at the aunt´s in Chodov 1939 – imprisonment of witness´ foster parents 1945 – displacement of most the family 1946 – mother´s death 1948 – started working in a company Amati ... arrows 

Josef Šmoldas (1947)

born 28 November 1947 in Zuckmantel (now called Zlaté Hory) his parents came to the Sudeten town from the region around Litovel near Olomouc as a child, witnessed the transformation of the Sudetes and their repopulation late 1950s, witnessed the mass demolition ... arrows 



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