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Svědci lokálních událostí z éry komunismu

List of witnesses

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Marta Dufková, rozená Kinská (1927)

born July 29, 1927 in Úlice near Chomutov (her parents Jaroslav Kinský and Božena Kinská, née Jílková) 1932 moved to her grandmother Jílková to Česká Třebová 1942 the school of viticulture in Mělník is closed down – she begins studying a trade academy in Mýto ... arrows 

František Ducháček (1940)

born on 22 June 1940 in the village of Vitějeves comes from a poor farmer’s family graduated from a mechanization school in Strážnice by the early 60s worked in the State Technical Supervision was employed by a state farm in Březová where he became head of ... arrows 

cardinal Jaroslav Dominik Duka (1943)

was born on April 26, 1943 in Hradec Králové his father František Duka served in the Government Army during the war, deserted and joined the Czechoslovak foreign Army, served as an armourer in No. 311 Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron of the Royal Air Force; imprisoned ... arrows 

Eliška Dusilová (1931)

born July 10, 1931 in Pardubice her father, paediatrician Josef Bartoň, was involved in the resistance movement her father was executed for helping paratroopers from the group Silver A her mother Emílie Bartoňová died in Auschwitz she and her brother ... arrows 

Josef Dušek (1941)

born on 17th January 1941 in Starý Klíčov (the Domažlice region) then the family moved to Stachy (the region Prachatice) and in 1948 to Sušice in 1951 his father got arrested for high-treason - smuggling in 1951 - 1960 lived with his mother and sister in ... arrows 

Zdeňka Dvořáčková roz. Šidlofová (1937)

Born on 10 June, 1937 Lived with her family in Chotěboř during the war Her family had to move out of their flat and two German women with children lived there In 1944 her father was transported to a concentration camp, from where he returned all right after the ... arrows 

Jarmila Dvořáková (1942)

Born in a Berlin jail Shortly after the birth was taken to the protectorate by her father Return of her mother from jail after the war After 1948, nationalization of her father’s café Tatra Death of her father Worked as a producer at the Krátký film ... arrows 

Věra Dvořáková (1953)

born on 2 March 1953 in Prague into a Czech-Jewish family her father and grandfather were imprisoned in concentration camps during WW II her parents were Russian studies scholars, in the late 60s her father lectured in West Germany her family faced persecution ... arrows 

Alžběta Eberlová (1924)

born on 18 November, 1924 in Košice; the father was Czech and her mother Slovak the father got to Slovakia as a soldier during the Hungarian conflict establishing new borders past the WW1 worked at the railways as a slider in 1929 her mother died due to ... arrows 

Vlasta Ehrenbergerová (1940) video clip available

Born on 16 February, 1940 in Telecí Parents forced to collectivisation In 1955–1956 employed at the collectivisation Between 1957 and 1958, was employed in Horní Rokytnice in the cottage Světlanka In 1962, married Josef Ehrenberger, whose family also suffered ... arrows 



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