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German minority in Poland after 1945

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National Minorities (1110)

List of witnesses

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Erika Gajová (1931)

born 8 February 1931 in Hindenburg in Silesia, now Zabrze in Poland 1945, liberated by the Soviet army, handed over to the Polish army her German father was deported to forced labour in mines in Ukraine the witness and her mother and two siblings were evicted ... arrows 

Hubert Kirchner (1936) video clip available

born January 2, 1936 in the village Kamienice (Kamnitz in German) German national living in the Prussian part of Silesia until the end of the war in July 1945 escape from Jasienice Górna (Ober Hermsdorf in German) to Czechoslovakia the family lived in the now ... arrows 



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