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The Czechs from Banat

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National Minorities (1426)

List of witnesses

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Josef Borsik (1940)

the end of 19th century, his parents moved to Butin in the Romanian Banat 31st October 1940 was born in Jamu Mare, the Romanian Banát August 1949 his family moved to Aš in Czechoslovakia worked manually, also in uranium mines 1975 became a director of the Aš ... arrows 

Monsignor Václav Mašek (1941)

born in 1941 in the village Gernik in the Banát region in Rumania was ordained a priest in 1968 in 1968–1977 served as a priest in Moldava in 1977–1999 served as a priest in his native Gernik since 1999 still serving as a dean in Eibenthal ... arrows 



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