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Political prisoner in WW2

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List of witnesses

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Anna Kostovičová (1922 - 2013)

she comes from Carpathian Ruthenia; her father was a farmer and former Czechoslovak legionnaire after the Hungarian occupation of her homeland she decide to leave for Poland, but she was captured on her way by Soviet soldiers after a long incarceration she was ... arrows 

professor PhDr., CSc. Jaro Křivohlavý (1925 - 2014) video clip available

Born on March 19, 1925, in Třebenice nearby Litoměřice Attended grammar school in Roudná nad Labem Arrested on June 20, 1942, in connection with the persecution of the students in Roudnice From June 20 to September 26, 1942, was imprisoned in the Small Fortress ... arrows 

Miroslav Kubík (1925)

born 1925 in Roudnice nad Labem victim of persecution of students from the Roudnice grammar school following Heydrich´s assassination imprisoned in the Little Fortress in Terezín, Auschwitz and Dachau after the war studied at the Institute of Chemical ... arrows 

Alois Kubiš (1932 - 2018) video clip available

born in 1932 in the village Černá Hora a distant relative of Jan Kubiš (one of Heydrich’s assassins) arrested together with his parents and sister in August 1942 experienced prisons in Jihlava and Terezín Germans conduced medical inoculation experiments on ... arrows 

Rostislav Kubišta (1923 - 2014) video clip available

born on 3rd May 1923 in Novostav in Volhynia in 1941 and 1942 jailed in a German prison in Rovno escaped and hid at his aunt’s barn joined the guerrilla fighters under the command of lieutenant Medvedev in summer 1942 joined the anti-tank artillery in the Red ... arrows 

Eduard Kuhn (1918 - 2017) video clip available

born 21 September 1918 in Bílsko near Litovel from a large family of a blacksmith and farmer attended grammar school in Opava from 1937, studied medicine at Charles University in Prague resided at Hlávek Students’ Hall in Prague 15 November 1939, attended ... arrows 

Václav Laubr (1920)

born in 1920 from 1928 he spent his childhood in Subcarpathia in 1939 he moved back to Prague and started to work in Krupp, a company based in Essen in 1942 he was arrested and sentenced to five months in prison for criticizing German culture in 1943 he lived ... arrows 

Štefánia Lorándová (1919 - 2012)

born November 22, 1919 in Košice in a Jewish family member of the Zionist organization Hashomer Hatzair sent to Hungary, illegal crossing of the border on March 9, 1942 obtaining documents and accommodation for illegal refugees arrested and interned in the ... arrows 

Drahoslava Lošťáková (1922) video clip available

Born in 1922 in Olomouc Her brother František Dostál fled to England in 1939 and became a pilot of the 311th Czechoslovak bomber squadron He perished on April 24, 1943, over the Bay of Solway The family members were arrested in the course of the so-called ... arrows 

Pavel Macháček (1921 - 2008)

born in Prague on August 15th, 1921, died at the end of 2008 his father was a school director at the First Republic times, his mother co-founded an organization for mother and child protection he was hiding his Jewish classmate Jiří Synek during the war (a famous ... arrows 



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