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Political prisoner in WW2

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Nazism (3258) Political prisoners (2381)

List of witnesses

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Colonel (ret.) Ladislav Havrišák (1923)

Born on 10 Sep 1923 in Pčoliné in eastern Slovakia Joined Slovak Army on 1 Sep 1943 Served in Zvolen barracks 1944 – Slovak National Uprising Guerrilla warfare Arrest Auschwitz concentration camp, prisons in Gera and Hof Returned home in 1945 Post-war ... arrows 

Mgr. František Hercl (1922)

born November 8, 1922 in Prague-Vinohrady studied Beneš State Czechoslovak Grammar School in Londýnská Street joined the anti-Nazi resistance movement in autumn 1941, became a member of a student group under the National Defence Union the organization became ... arrows 

Louise Hermanová (1916 - 2013)

born May 8th 1916 in Svitavy mother died in 1918 of Spanish flu, father owned a shop with gentlemen’s wear completed her primary and secondary education in Svitavy, then studied a Montessori school in Prague For anti-jewish laws she worked as a governess in ... arrows 

Libuše Hiemerová (1925) video clip available

Born in 1925 in Olomouc Her brother František Dostál fled to England in 1939 and became a pilot of the 311th Czechoslovak bomber squadron. He died on April 24, 1943 in the Bay of Solway The family members were arrested in the course of the Operation E ... arrows 

Major (ret.) Sigmund Hladík (1927) video clip available

born on 1. 3. 1927 in the German city of Mainz on the Rhine in a mixed Czech-Jewish family April 1939 – they fled to Latvia 23. 6. 1941 – the family was arrested and taken to Oranky prison and then to a Gulag in Akťubinsk in Kazakhstan 21. 2. 1942 – joined the ... arrows 

Captain (ret.) Vladimír Hnetecký (1927 - 2013)

Born on 7 July, 1927, in Dubno in Volhynia, in a Ukrainian-Czech family 1944 - taken to work in a tank factory in Chelyabinsk 1944 - the driver of a reconnaissance tank, tank troop of the 2nd Division, 1st Brigade of the Polish Army Was in action in Poland, ... arrows 

Antonín Hnilička (1927)

Born on 16 January 1927 in Uherský Brod A family of a farmer During war he was forced to manual labour in Austria 1942 arrested by gestapo for alleged sabotage December 1942 – imprisoned in Lanzendorf near Vienna 1943 – arrested in KT Mauthausen, worked in ... arrows 

Alois Holub (1917)

he was born on June 11th 1917 in Bitovcice he is skilled joiner from the master Jelinek´s workshop in Valašské Meziříčí he was mobilized in 1938, but later was freed from the army services due to his health condition together with his friends he participated in ... arrows 

Josef Holý (1933)

born 11 June 1933 in Dubno, Volhynia Soviet (1939-1941) and Nazi (1941-1944) occupation of western Volhynia spring 1944, deported with his parents to Przemyśl 1944-1945, internment camps in Przemyśl, Gdynia and Toruń attended a German school 1945, escaped ... arrows 

Jana Honsová (1918) video clip available

Born on 22. 7. 1918 in Volyně 1919 – war with the Hungarian Soviet Republic A grammar school for girls, school for teachers Forced labor in the Leichtbau factory 8. 3. 1944 – arrested for having listened to foreign news broadcasting and for her hostility ... arrows 



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