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Political prisoner in WW2

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Nazism (3247) Political prisoners (2368)

List of witnesses

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Miloš Dobrý (1923 - 2012) video clip available

Expelled from school in 1939 In November 1941 he has been designated by the first transport to Theresienstadt concentration camp (AK I - Construction Commando) In 1942 sent to Theresienstadt with his parents and brother In December 1943 he went to Auschwitz, ... arrows 

Jan Dorúšek (1920)

born March 14, 1920 in western Slovakia leaves the country together with his friend Jozef Gabčík in 1939 via Poland arrives to France where he joins the French Foreign Legion participates in the defence of France against the German invasion captured, ... arrows 

Jan Dušek (1922)

born on March 7, 1922, in Lipí near Budweis became a mason 1940 – 1943 engaged in the illegal Communist resistance organization TRN April 21, 1943, arrested again and interrogated by the Gestapo in Budweis transferred to the Pankrác prison for one week after ... arrows 

Věroslav Dušek (1922)

born May 29th 1922 in Poruba father was a miner, cofounder of Sokol a Sokol member since he was four years old tried to join the French foreign army resistance activity arrested in September 1939 imprisoned in Dachau, Neuengamme, Oranienburg liberated ... arrows 

Josef Dvořák (1919 - 2018) video clip available

born 1919 in Krasice (Prostějov) November 17, 1939 arrested in the Kounic dormitory in Brno interned in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp for over three years studied the Faculty of Medicine in Brno after the war worked as a doctor in Rýmařov, Šternberk ... arrows 

Dagmar Evaldová (1928)

born on 31 March 1928 in Prague spent her early years in Slovakia her family was active in the Sokol movement on 8 September 1943 her father was executed in Berlin's Plötzensee for taking part in the resistance her uncle was also executed for his anti-Nazi ... arrows 

Radoslav Faltýnek (1926)

born 1926 in Ochozy, Hané region member of Sokol and the resistance group Defence of the Nation father and uncle executed for their resistance activity imprisoned in Olomouc, Veveří, Dachau slave labour in Rabštejn, northern Bohemia (auxiliary camp KT ... arrows 

Vladimír Feierabend (1924) video clip available

Born on 7 July 1924 in Prague Studied at the teachers' institute, then grammar school 1 July, 1942 - the entire family and relatives arrested during the Operation E (Emigranten) 1 July, 1942 – 29 April, 1945 - small fortress in Theresienstadt, concentration ... arrows 

Miloslav Fencl (1919 - 2011)

Born on 19 February, 1919, in Nové Vráto near České Budějovice Study of architecture and building construction at the Czech Technical University in Prague Resided at the Masaryk College October 28th, 1939 - the demonstration November 15th, 1939 - the student ... arrows 

Bohumil Filípek (1922 - 2015) video clip available

born October 22, 1922 in České Noviny in Volhynia 1941 imprisoned for work sabotaging July 13, 1943 the burning down of Český Malín 1944 joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps serving as a tank desant trooper Carpathian-Dukla operation wounded in an air ... arrows 



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