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Political prisoner in WW2

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Nazism (3258) Political prisoners (2381)

List of witnesses

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Anna Malášková, roz. Pajerová (1921 - 2011) video clip available

born on 21st January 1921 in Dubno, Ukraine, in a Polish-Czech family in 1939 escaped from bombed Warsaw taught in Volhynia during the war 1943-1944 detained in a German prison in Dubno for an attempt to escape from the country in June 1944 joined the newly ... arrows 

Josef Maňák (1918)

born February 17, 1918 in České Budějovice 1936-1939 – study of medicine September 14, 1942 – arrested in the “Emigration Aktion” September 14, 1942 –1943 – imprisonment in Tábor and Svatobořice 1943-1944 – detained in Kounic dorms in Brno 1944– January 25, ... arrows 

Eduard Marek (1917)

was born on 17th March in 1917 in Prague from his very youth he became a member of The Scout movement, in 1936 he voluntarily enlisted military service, he joined the first air force regiment of TGM during the war Marek was supporting his Jewish friend F. ... arrows 

Jan Maršálek (1914 - 2011)

Born on 19 July 1914 in Vienna in a Czech family Learned to be a typographer, related to left wing movements In 1936 led an organisation The Communist Aid In March 1938 left to Czechoslovakia In Pilsen and Prague he joined the resistance and acted in an ... arrows 

Lisa Miková (1922)

born January 31, 1922 in Prague in a Jewish family summer 1938 – possibility of emigration to Switzerland September 1938 – possibility of emigration to England via Croatia October 1938 – return to Czechoslovakia 27 January 1942 – 30 January 1942 - transport ... arrows 

Josef Mikule (1923) video clip available

born August 13, 1923 in Lomnice nad Popelkou in former Czechoslovakia 1937 – sent to the border region in order to learn German language employed in the ironmonger’s Kučera March 1943 – conscripted labour in the company SUMAG in Miřetice near Klášterec nad ... arrows 

Jan Květoslav Motejlek (1925)

born 19th December 1925 in Doudleby nad Orlicí childhood, a Scout in the Freedom Scouts organisation in Prague 16 years of age, wanted to flee to Britain through Hamburg, punished by one year of prison in the Lechfeld labour camp work for the resistance ... arrows 

Miloslav Moulis (1921)

father was a legionnaire and lawyer arrested, first by the Gestapo arrested a second time and sent to Terezin and Auschwitz ended in prison in Buchenwald member of a team of historians that collaborated on Ludvik Svoboda’s memoirs ... arrows 

JUDr. Jaroslav Musial (1921)

born on 13th May 1921 in Heřmanice helping people to cross borders in 1939 escape tu Hungary forced labour in Norway protest against the execution of Milada Horáková imprisoned in Pankrác politically motivated layoff he became senator after Velvet ... arrows 

First Lieutenant (ret.) Josef Načeradský (1913) video clip available

born March 22, 1913 in Trhový Štěpánov, Benešov district, in the then Austria-Hungary 1928–1932 – studied the teachers’ institute in Prague worked as a teacher in Šlapánov and in Ouběnice near Bystřice u Benešova helping with the restoration of Sokol ... arrows 



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