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28. 1. 1977 - The “Anti-Charter”

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The Seventies - 1970 - 1979 (196)

List of witnesses

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Second Lieutenant (ret.) Josef Bartošek (1947)

born on 19 September 1947 in Medlov his family moved to Fryšták in 1953 after his father was convicted for being a Kulak graduated from technical school in Zlín and worked in automobile repairs in Holešov did his military service in 1966 with the 7th airbone ... arrows 

Ivan Binar (1942)

was born on 25 June 1942 in Boskovice in Moravia graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Ostrava in 1963, studied Czech linguistics, history and arts, performed as a stage actor in the theater “Pod okapem” in Ostrava did his basic military service in ... arrows 

František Bloudek (1947)

born on 4 September 1947 in Otvice in 1967 was admitted to the University of Agriculture in Prague had to suspend his studies following the death of his father, return home and take care of his younger brother was only able to resume his studies seven years ... arrows 

Silvestra Chnápková (1954)

born 30 April 1954 in České Budějovice, southern Bohemia grew up in Litvínov, northern Bohemia experienced August 1968 with her sister at a cottage in southern Bohemia met with people from the underground community while staying in Prague participated in ... arrows 

Miroslav Jirounek (1955)

born 3 August 1955 in Kladno family moved to Mladá Boleslav 1970, began grammar school studies in Mladá Boleslav promising violinists, numerous competitions; e.g. in 1972 won the national round of the string quartet competition of children’s art schools ... arrows 

Professor Marek Kopelent (1932)

born April 28, 1932 in Prague his father was an attorney and his mother was a French teacher Czech-French education studied the Music Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in the class of professor Jaroslav Řídký graduation in 1955, worked as s music ... arrows 

Josef Mlejnek (1946)

born 3 December 1946 in Žatec his family was a victim of collectivisation c. 1950 1964, graduated from grammar school in Karlovy Vary; studied philosophy and biology in Brno 1967, converted to Catholicism 1970s, worked at the district culture centre, district ... arrows 

PhDr. Ondřej Neff (1945)

born on 26 June 1945 in Prague his father was writer Vladimír Neff studied journalism and started working in the Czechoslovak Radio witnessed the occupation of Czechoslovak Radio building by the Warsaw Pact armies was fired for political reasons and then ... arrows 

Ing. Karel Pacner (1936)

born on 29 March 1936 in Janovice nad Úhlavou from 1949 till 1951 published articles in Práce daily and Pochodeň magazine studied University of Economics, graduating in 1962 in the summer of 1959 began working in Mladá fronta editorial board popularized ... arrows 

Michal Prokop (1946)

born on 13 August 1946 in Prague his parents Jindřích Popper and Lota Mendlová were of Jewish origin and survived imprisonment in the Terezín ghetto soon began with playing musical instruments and singing in 1967 had first successful concert, opting for a ... arrows 



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