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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2529)

List of witnesses

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Ing. František Hlavatý (1936 - 2017)

born 1936 in Újezd in the Hořovice region comes from a farmer’s family his father supported the resistance movement the family was persecuted after February 1948 worked in various companies as an inspector during full-time employment he gradually completed ... arrows 

Vladimíra Hlinovská (1928)

born October 1, 1928 U. S. Army soldiers were garrisoned on their farm during WWII 1948 – actively involved in the resistance organization Šeřík 1948 – arrested, interrogated, sentenced to six years work commando in Varnsdorf in the factory Elite which ... arrows 

Antonín Hlobílek (1938) video clip available

born 25 November 1938 in Mistřín (now a part of Svatobořice) the family owned a large farm in Mistřín with 84 hectares of farmland 1941, Nazi officials nationalised the family estate 1944, the family was evicted 1949, the estate was nationalised by the ... arrows 

Milan Hlobílek (1932) video clip available

born December 29, 1932 in the village Mistřín (part of present-day Svatobořice) the family owned a large farm in Mistřín with 84 hectares of arable land the family farm was nationalized by the Nazi regime in 1941 the family was evicted in 1944 the family farm ... arrows 

Jiřina Hloušková (1921) video clip available

born April 18, 1921 in Horní Bečva her father was a legionnaire in Russia during WWI harsh life in poverty during the First Republic era Totaleinsatz in Berlin and Dresden in 1943 1943-1945 forced labour in the ironworks in Vítkovice relationship with a ... arrows 

Viktor Hnízdil (1928) video clip available

birth certificate gives day of birth as 28 February 1928, in České Kneruty, Volhynia, under Polish rule at the time 1940, his father was made head of the kolkhoz witnessed Jewish families fleeing from the ghetto in Ostrožec assigned to a “stripka” unit - ... arrows 

RNDr. Čestmír Hofhanzl (1941)

born October 9, 1941 in Borovany his father was marked as a kulak and interned in a labour camp study at the Secondary School of Agriculture in Tábor employed in the Central Test and Inspection Centre for Agriculture one-year study at the Agricultural College ... arrows 

Richard Hofmann (1944)

born November 4, 1944 in Klatovy his family had to leave their home in Spáleniště after the war in compensation they received a farm in Dolní Kochánov left after a killed German forced expulsion of German neighbours after the war destruction of farms and ... arrows 

František Holub (1933) video clip available

born 19 June 1933 in Vitice family persecuted during the collectivisation 31 March 1953, his father Václav Holub was sentenced to four years in prison at a show trial his uncle František Holub was also convicted July 1953, the family was evicted to Hynčice ... arrows 

Václav Holub (1930 - 2018)

born July 11, 1930 in Holíč in Slovakia his brother Jiří was a member of an anti-state group led by general Petřík during the war, he later emigrated 1948–1952 imprisoned in Pilsen-Bory and in Jáchymov continued to be monitored by the StB bus driver in ČSAD ... arrows 



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