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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

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The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2591)

List of witnesses

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Ludmila Grafnetrová (1933) video clip available

born 15 September 1933 in Grygov near Olomouc her parents and two sisters tended a small farm 1947, left to study a secondary school of agriculture in Olomouc father stopped farming and joined a cooperative 1953, married and moved to Prague her husband ... arrows 

Bořivoj Grepl (1926)

Born on the 9th of October, 1926, in a family of a tailor in Hrochov Apprenticed a tailor, taught organ playing After war left to Brno – organ and pedagogic education In 1958, released from teaching jobs Family persecuted due to religious faith Until 1989, ... arrows 

Alois Grůz (1926) video clip available

born on the 21st of November, 1926 in Zborov his father was imprisoned for three and a half years for listening to foreign radio the family farm was confiscated by the German Settlement Company supported the partisan group Jiskra (Spark) from Zborov employed ... arrows 

Ladislava Guričová (1938)

born on the 26th of December, 1938 her father was a private farmer in 1949, her father was arrested for collaborating with the resistance group Světlana he was tried in a political trial in Uherské Hradiště since 1953, she was employed in company Pal Magneton ... arrows 

Štefan Habovský (1930)

born on May 4, 1930, comes from Trstená in his youth he was apprenticed to become a mixed goods tradesman, at home he worked as a waggoner and took care of the family farmstead during the launch of the communist “Catholic Action” in 1949, along with the faithful, ... arrows 

Jozef Habovštiak (1937)

born on March 19, 1937 studied at grammar school in Trstená and then at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra 1969 – 1971 a deputy director for research and science at the Research Institute of Meadows and Pastures (VÚLP) in Banská Bystrica he was ... arrows 

Evženie Hamplová (1933) video clip available

born December 30, 1933 in Dorohostaje in the Dubno governorate in Volhynia her father Václav Hajný worked as an accountant in a kolkhoz the family was hiding Jews Soviet officer Mikhail Suchobokov was shot to death by Bandera’s soldiers in their house her ... arrows 

Václav Hanf (1934 - 2017)

born June 5, 1934 a child of Lidice the destruction of Lidice on June 10, 1942 reeducation in Germany Hitlerjugend training camp in Maria-Schmoll found by Josefina Napravilová Academy for junior officers in Pardubičky Auxiliary Technical Battalions ... arrows 

Jindřich Hašek (1934)

born September 6th 1934 in Úhonice near Prague to a family of a farmer studied for two years at the secondary school of agriculture in Poděbrady, 1952 expelled 1952 to 1953 doing forced labour on a state farm in the Osoblaha region together with other children of ... arrows 

Emilie Hatlová, roz. Matauchová (1925)

born on May 6, 1925, in Nebužely nearby Mělník comes from a Czech-German family was a forced laborer during the war, worked in several places her father, a Wehrmacht soldier, died in Polish captivity witnessed the brutal conduct of Soviet soldiers towards the ... arrows 



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