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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

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The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2442)

List of witnesses

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M.Eng. František Fábry (1930)

born on October 25, 1930 1944 property of the family company had to be requisitioned for purposes of the Slovak National Uprising 1948 the company was put under the state ownership 1950 beginnings of his university studies 1951 service in Auxiliary Technical ... arrows 

Libuše Fajkošová (1925)

born 6th August 1925 in Těšice, Hané region studied teaching and started work as a teacher in the Českolipsko area 1945, met Josef Fajkoš, who had returned from the Czechoslovak army in England 1948, married Josef and moved to the Fajkoš family farm in ... arrows 

Boleslav Fiala (1929) video clip available

born on 24 December, 1929 in Moravská Huzová a member of Sokol in Moravská Huzová in 1949 secret police arrested three of his mates from the Industrial school of woodworking and construction in Olomouc in October 1950 placed in the 53rd PTP in PTP worked in ... arrows 

Milada Filipovičová, roz. Helešicová (1929)

born on October 13th, 1929 in Moravská Nová Ves mother died when she was seven stepmother didn’t let her study witnessed bombing at the end of war and Soviet liberation married, had five children family property became part of JZD where they were forced to ... arrows 

Anna Foglová (1938) video clip available

born 1938 in Frankov (Velké Dorohostaje) in Volhynia a Volhynian Czech during WW2, her parents hid and fed seven Jews (the Tejtelmans, the Valešes) her father Josef Holátko served in the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps 1947, the family remigrated to ... arrows 

Marie Fousová (1913 - 2015) video clip available

born 6 August 1913 in Dembrovka in Volhynia, which was under Russian rule moved to Chomout and then Ozerany 1929, married a local Czech housewife 1939-1944, experienced the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Volhynia 1947, remigrated to Czechoslovakia settled ... arrows 

Blažena Froncová (1924)

Born on February 10, 1924, in Jičín 1939 – began to study at a business academy 1941 – began to work at the regional (district) council 1943 – forced labor in Nová Paka 1948 – the council was taken over by the Communist party 1950 – was dismissed from the ... arrows 

Jarmila Fusová (1931)

Born on 15 March, 1931 in Chlumčany near Louny Experienced Germany giving up the borderline in 1938 and an occupation in 1939 Witnessed the fights at the end of war Experience a collectivisation of agriculture Settled in Žatec, where she has lived until 2016 ... arrows 

Josef Gara (1934 - 2017)

born in 1934 in Kunčičky u Bašky near Frýdek-Místek in September 1949 became an apprentice in the textile factory Slezan Frýdek-Místek in September and October 1950 formed an anti-communist group together with some other apprentices October 1950 – January 1951 ... arrows 

Alena Gavendová (1942)

born on 5 October, 1942 in Krásná (region Frýdek-Místek) in 1945 moved to Košetice (region Opava) in 1956 finished elementary school and started working in agricultural coop; her father also forced to join the coop in 1960 married to Oldřich Gavenda in 1962 ... arrows 



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