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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2362)

List of witnesses

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Růžena Komosná (1920)

born 21 October 1920 in Dolní Bojanovice, Hodonín District 1926, became an active member of Orel (the Catholic sports organisation) and began doing theatre 1931, recorded a song for President Masaryk with the Hodonín orchestra 1943, married Michal Komosný ... arrows 

Vladimír Kopačínský (1922)

born 22nd March 1922 in Alexandrovka, Dubno district, Western Ukraine primary school education joined Svoboda's army after the liberation of Ukraine injured at Krosno 1947 - moved to Czechoslovakia 1950 - joined a JZD work in the farming industry 1992 - ... arrows 

Eva Kopecká (1922)

born December 28, 1922 in Pardubice testimony from Pardubice as well as other places during WWII experienced air raids, her uncle died in one of them the Gestapo arrested her father Václav Kopecký in 1943 for economic crime her father was sentenced to eleven ... arrows 

Anna Koppová, rod. Čížová (1935)

born on January 9, 1935 in Priechod in February 1945 she lived through burning down of the village by Nazis after the war the family was obligated to hand in food contingents at last they were forced to enter the cooperative nowadays Anna is retired and lives ... arrows 

Julie Košťálová (1939)

born 19 May 1939 in the settlement of Ružanec in the Beskid Mountains 1944, experienced robbers raiding her native settlement 1952, her family completed a new timbered house 1956, the officials announced plans to construct Šance Dam 1957, graduated from the ... arrows 

Major (ret.) Josef Kovář (1924 - 2015) video clip available

Born on 8. 6. 1924 in the village of Romanov in Volhynia Brother shot during the German occupation of Volhynia 20. 3. 1944 - joined the first Czechoslovak Army Corps, 1st brigade Battle at Kivertsi Training at Sadagura Officer Cadet School Served in a ... arrows 

Bohumil Kovařík (1934) video clip available

Born on 3rd March, 1934 in Štěpánov During collectivisation of the village whole family persecuted Bohumil Kovařík gave information to the CIC agent, Lumír Pavlík On 5th June, 1958 sentenced to eight years in prison by the Regional court of justice in Olomouc ... arrows 

Jarmila Kovářová, roz. Švejdová (1930)

born 13 October 1930 in Přední Poříčí their farm was raided twice by the Gestapo her father was a farming landowner forced to join a cooperative April 1953, arrested December 1953, sentenced to six years for espionage stood trial with her uncle F. Petrovic, ... arrows 

Pavel Krátký (1929)

born June 24, 1929 in Prague spent his childhood and youth in Hradec Králové his father was a Russian legionnaire, a free trader, later became marked as kulak his mother was a teacher his two older sisters lived in the West studied the University of ... arrows 

Ladislav Kratochvíl (1931) video clip available

Born on September 14, 1931 in Rozstání Lived close to the military training ground “Truppenübungsplatz Wischau” Banished together with the other inhabitants of Rozstání in October 1943 due to the expansion of the shooting range A member of the Scout Was a ... arrows 



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