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23. 2. 1949 – Beginning the forced agricultural collectivisation

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2536)

List of witnesses

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Soňa Jelínková (1928) video clip available

Born on December 25, 1928 in Loštice Father Oldřich Straka imprisoned during war for resistance connection Experienced transports of Jews from Loštice to concentration camps Witnessed anti-partisan action in Drozdovská Pila Experienced the end of war in the ... arrows 

Miloslava Jirasová, roz. Studničková (1913)

born on November 27th, 1913 in Lidice life of Lidice farmers marriage with Jaroslav Podhora burning Lidice down interned in the concentration camp Ravensbrück death march in April 1945 marriage with Karel Jiras life of farmers under the Communist regime ... arrows 

Vladimír Jonáš (1929)

born on March 30, 1929 in Krupina his father and his mother owned sawmill and a shop with building material witness of Krupina´s occupation by German as well as Soviet troops after 1948 the Jonáš family was deprived of their business and house in 1951 he was ... arrows 

Věra Jurásková (1937) video clip available

Born on 11 May, 1937 in a village of Stvolová witnessed the Letovice massacre witnessed the death of Otakar Slezák on 8 May, 1945 uncle Miroslav Marek a political prisoner a teacher in Zábřeh director of the 3rd elementary school in Zábřeh In 2016 lived ... arrows 

Václav Kabourek (1937)

born 14 July 1937 in Staňkov near Domažlice aged 8, experienced the liberation of Staňkov by the American army 1952, his father died, leaving only himself and his mother trained as a miner, then worked as a lathe operator early 1950s, got in trouble for ... arrows 

Josef Kadlčík (1939)

born 1939 in Brno lived in Ratíškovice with his parents and siblings 1950, his family joined the local UAC under pressure trained as a plumber 1958, drafted into military service assigned to the Border Guard in Cheb District lives in Dolní Bojanovice ... arrows 

Věra Kafková (1937)

born 1 March 1937 in Žerčice lived with her family on a medium-sized farm after 1948, her parents joined the local agricultural cooperative 1954, left the co-op only to rejoin it in 1960 completed a two-year economy course worked at a railway school in ... arrows 

Oldřich Kalousek (1933)

born 10 August 1933 in Rosnice, now a part of Všestary 1948-51, trained as a mechanic in the Škoda factory in Hradec Králové 1951-52, worked abroad (Poland) October 1953, military service with the Border Guards (BG) three-month NCO school in Volary served ... arrows 

Eva Kantůrková (1930)

born May 11, 1930 in Prague spent her childhood with her aunt in the countryside after secondary school became an editor for Mladá fronta Charles University Faculty of Arts, studying philosophy and history, one of her teachers was Josef Macek (1956) member of ... arrows 

Konstantin Karger (1929) video clip available

born 8 December 1929 in Bušín near Šumperk messenger for resistance and partisan groups cousings Jan and Alois Karger were Olšany partisans uncle Jan Karger hid the fugitive Soviet POW Alexei Poleshikov in his house in Olšany worked at the Olšany paper ... arrows 



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