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15. 3. 1939 - The Nazi occupation of ČSR

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6303)

List of witnesses

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Bedřich Zedníček (1922)

born July 30, 1922 in Dlouhá Ves in the Olomouc region his father died of tuberculosis in 1933 his mother was raising three children in 1936 began working in the Baťa factory in Zlín in 1942 went to Vienna as conscripted labour escaped from forced labour to ... arrows 

Antonín Zelenka (1927)

born 13 January 1927 in Vladislav near Třebíč October 1945, began attending the Military Aviation Academy in Hradec Králové June 1948, graduated with the rank of lieutenant October 1948, dismissed from the army for political unreliability April 1949, ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Jiří Zenáhlík (1921)

was born on May 20th in 1921 in Tábor in October 1943 he was brought to Berlin on forced labor from where he had escaped in the summer of 1944 to France zhen in England, he joined the army and in November 1944 he was put on in France, in a troop on reserve ... arrows 

Eduard Zimmel (1926) video clip available

born March 13, 1926 in Rapšach in the Vitorazsko (Weitraer) region refused to be drafted to the wehrmacht in 1943 October 26, 1943 - arrested and imprisoned in Znojmo and in Simmering in Vienna interned in the Dachau concentration camp in 1943–1945 worked in ... arrows 

Vladimír Zobal (1928 - 2015)

he was born in 1928 in Bardejov in Slovakia occupation of part of Slovakia by Hungarian army anti-Jewish and anti-Czech demonstrations establishment of the Slovak state he moved to Czechoslovakia in 1939 he didn´t finish University studies arrest and ... arrows 

Jan Zrník (1925 - 2015) video clip available

Born in Seninka in Moravian Wallachia in 1925 He was a messenger for the guerilla brigade of Jan Žižka of Trocnov Family supported and sheltered guerrillas - including the master DB Murzin SS officers killed his friends, Anežka Ondrášková a Marie Růsková, in ... arrows 

Marie Žatecká roz. Berniová (1928)

born May 11, 1928 in Vraný u Peruce her father was of Italian origin, he worked as a stonemason spent her childhood in Terezín November 1941 - May 1942: eye witness to the arrival of transports of Jews to the ghetto in Terezín in May 1942 the family had to ... arrows 

Major František Živěla (1914 - 2005)

born 27 September in Brno active sportsman – football SK Židenice, FK Slezská Ostrava, ice hockey DTJ Brno, HC Poprad; football team in the French Legion 1937 joined the Czechoslovak police in Ostrava after the Munich agreement helping refugees cross the border ... arrows 

Ladislav Žížala (1929)

born 4 November 1929 in Skalice near Benešov his parents were farmers his father died when he was two years old and his mother married again soon after 1940-1948, attended grammar school in Benešov 1948-1950, trained as a glazier in Železný Brod worked as a ... arrows 



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