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15. 3. 1939 - The Nazi occupation of ČSR

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6722)

List of witnesses

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Věra Valentová (1929)

born 30 July 1929 in the village of Poštorná 1939, Poštorná was annexed to the German Reich 1941, her father was assigned to forced labour in the so-called Todt Organisation Věra’s two sisters also did forced labour at the end of the war, Poštorná was a ... arrows 

Růžena Válková (1932)

born September 14, 1932 in the village Stožec in the Šumava Mountains her parents supported the Social Democratic Party at the end of the 1930s they had to face verbal insults by the local Heinlein adherents in 1938 her mother was imprisoned since she was ... arrows 

Boris Valníček (1927) video clip available

born on April 11, 1927, in Jicin, Czechoslovakia comes from a mixed Czech-Russian marriage in 1943 - 1945 participated in the domestic resistance movement in a vanguard group colported leaflets and transmitted information participated in the Prague Uprising ... arrows 

MUDr. Vladimír Valta (1932)

born January 5, 1932 in Prague his grandfather was a painter his father Václav Valta fought on the Russian and Italian front in WWI, Italian legionnaire, 1918–1920 worked at the Ministry of National Defence, did not join the government army in 1939 his uncle ... arrows 

Petr Vaníček (1932)

born on March 15, 1932, in Prague originates in a family of an entrepreneur from Prague 1938–1945: studied school in Kbely 1939–1945: Jewish part of the family persecuted after February 1948, his father’s factory „Vaníček a Malec“ in Satalice was ... arrows 

Stanislava Vaníčková (1927)

born 13 November 1927 in Prague forced labour as a tram conductor during the war her brother Josef Vaníček died during a resistance operation on 5 May 1945 1948–1953, studied dressmaking at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague from 1955 until ... arrows 

PhDr. Dobromila Vaňková (1925)

born 5 January 1925 in Háj near Opava from 1938, lived away from her family in a refugee camp for displaced Czechs in Ostrava attended grammar school; participated in illegal Scout activities 1942-1944, imprisoned by the Gestapo in Ostrava and Wrocław 1944, ... arrows 

Karel Vaš (1916 - 2012)

born on 20th March 1916 in Uzgorod from 1933 member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party and of the Federation of Friends of the Soviet Union and Democratic Spain in May 1939 illegally crossed the Russian border, three years in the gulag in Vorkuta 1943 in ... arrows 

Karel Vašek (1918)

Born on November 28th, 1918 in Brno. After his graduation from secondary school he joined the Czechoslovak Army where he served in the gas unit. After March 1939 dismissed from the Army. Left for Poland, to apply to for the Czechoslovak foreign units. Sent to ... arrows 

Petr Vavřín (1929)

born 25 June 1929 in Brno his mother was Jewish, his father was Czech with German roots 1939, his mother could not endure the fear of persecution and committed suicide his father married and Austrian and had to accept German citizenship Petr was forced to ... arrows 



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