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15. 3. 1939 - The Nazi occupation of ČSR

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6722)

List of witnesses

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Karel Freund (1925 - 2015)

Born on February 16, 1925, in Halámky Of Jewish extraction from his father’s side 1939 Nazi persecution 1939 forced eviction from Halámky 1943 father arrested, interned in the Theresienstadt in the so-called “Small Fortress” April 12, 1943 - death of his ... arrows 

Jarmila Fricová, roz. Pálová (1929)

born on Semtpember, 26th, 1929 manufacturer and mayor Jan Jaroslav Pála better Slany Lidice prison in Ilava ... arrows 

Ing. Pavel Fried (1930)

Born on June 13, 1930, in Třebíč Father was a small entrepreneur April 1942 - deported to Theresienstadt Liberation of Theresienstadt in May 1945 Studied at the Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering in Brno since 1946 Drafted to the PTP in 1951 ... arrows 

Jarmila Fusová (1931)

Born on 15 March, 1931 in Chlumčany near Louny Experienced Germany giving up the borderline in 1938 and an occupation in 1939 Witnessed the fights at the end of war Experience a collectivisation of agriculture Settled in Žatec, where she has lived until 2016 ... arrows 

Hanuš Gaertner (1926)

born 4 January 1926 in Hamburg as Hans Gaertner his parents were Czech Jews; he had a younger brother Štěpán from September 1938, in Prague, attended the English Grammar School expelled, studied at Alijah Schule in Prague, a member of Maccabi Hatzair 10 ... arrows 

František Galas (1920)

born on 5 October 1920 in Čeladná trained to become a founder in 1942 sent to forced labour in a foundry in Germany fled back home with help of medical doctors, managed to avoid return to forced labour on 8 May 1945, his mother was shot dead by a Russian ... arrows 

Karel Gebauer (1915)

born February 4, 1915 in Lesní Albrechtice studying trade academy in Opava 1935-37 military service in the 15th infantry regiment in Opava April 5, 1938 joined the Financial Border Guard May 24, 1938 mobilization into the State Defence Guard after the ... arrows 

Petr Gibian (1922 - 2008)

was born on May 1, 1922 in Ceske Budejovice hee couldn't finish high school before war, so he graduated after the war he comes from a Jewish family, and his family disappeared in the concentration camps shortly after the occupation left for Great Britain used ... arrows 

Elisheva Gidron, roz. Kummermann (1920)

born 4 December 1920 into a Jewish family in Vienna from 1926, lived in Štěpánovice near Olomouce; 1932, moved to Karlovy Vary Octover 1938, moved to Prague member of the Zionist movement Tchelet Lavan 8 September 1942, deported to the Terezín ghetto worked ... arrows 

Andrej Gjurić (1938 - 2015) video clip available

Was born in 1938 in Prague Father doc. Alexandar Gjurić, M.D. was a significant doctor during WWII, he participated in the domestic resistance movement, was arrested in April 1942, executed in August 1944 Aunt Růžena Vacková, a Professor at the Charles ... arrows 



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