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10. 6. 1942 – Destruction of Lidice

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6299)

List of witnesses

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Milada Šimčíková (1900 - 1989)

born 1900 in Střítež the death of emperor Franz Joseph teacher in the Moravian Wallachia region evangelical church in Wallachia the last pupil of singer Ema Destinnová František Křižík Czechs from Vienna anti-Nazi resistance in the organization Defence ... arrows 

Jiřina Šnoblová (1921)

1921 - born in a mining village near Kladno called Čabárna In 1942, witnessed a raid by the Gestapo in search of Heydrich's assassins in Čabárna In 1943-1945, worked as a nurse in the Divisional hospital at Karlovo náměstí Square in Prague In 1943 - married Jan ... arrows 

Marie Šupíková (1932)

born on 22 August, 1932, in Lidice witnessed the burning down of Lidice was detained in the Kladno grammar school was in a Nazi camp in Lódź went through Nazi re-education in Poznań and Boizenburg is one of the Lidice children that survived the onslaught ... arrows 

Adolf Švadlenka (1929)

born March 21, 1929 in Blížňovice studied a secondary technical school, worked as a design engineer son of Adolf Švadlenka who was an important co-worker of the paratrooper group SILVER A and a prominent figure in the resistance movement in the Pardubice region ... arrows 

Ing., CSc František Valeš (1932)

born August 24, 1932 in Žinkovy his father died in 1934, growing up with his mother and sister in 1946 the family moved to Prague to his aunt’s, a widow whose husband had died in the Prague Uprising in 1950 completed his vocational training in precise mechanics ... arrows 

Božena Vodrážková (1923)

born 1923 in Prague spent her childhood in France working in a factory producing children’s furniture her brother was sent for conscripted labour to Germany during the war lived in Lidice before its destruction living on Podhora’s farm eradication of ... arrows 

Lidmila Výšková (1923) video clip available

she was born on June 22nd 1923 in Manětín town she is a professional hairdresser from January to October of 1943 she was forcibly deployed in Germany - Flak town; she was released home due to her wedding; she never returned her husband was a forester in ... arrows 

Olga Wankeová, roz. Piskorová (1929)

born in 1929 in Lysolaje fearing the destruction of Lysolaje after the villages of Lidice and Ležáky had been burnt to the ground witnessed atrocities committed against the Germans after the end of the war, cruel death of her uncle education in the Institute of ... arrows 

František Wiendl (1923) video clip available

Born on December 31, 1923 A learned mason, studied the technical college of construction in Plzeň Joined the second and the third resistance with his father František Wiendl senior During WWII, a member of the resistance group Lidice, Niva in Klatovy, ... arrows 

Václav Zelenka (1938)

born 9th September 1938 in Kladno early childhood in Lidice after Lidice was razed he was sent to Germany for re-education end of war and first post-war years spent in defeated Germany worked as a electrical engineer in Socialist factories Soviet occupation ... arrows 



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