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10. 6. 1942 – Destruction of Lidice

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6184)

List of witnesses

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Zdeněk Marek (1929)

born 26 June 1929 in Valča, Slovakia childhood in the Nymburk District large family, parents died early after 1945, moved to his brother in Belgium Germany, underwent training with Americans functioned as an agent-ranger arrested and sentenced to five ... arrows 

PhMr. Libuše Nachtmannová (1919 - 2013)

born on January 9, 1919 in Roudnice nad Labem 1938 began her studies of pharmaceutics in Prague after the close-down of Czech universities in November 1939 she joined the resistance movement Defense of the Nation (DN) relocations of radios and radio-operators ... arrows 

Jaroslav Pergl (1946)

Born in Krocehlavy Industrial College metallurgical Kladno VSB Ostrava Steelworks Poldi Kladno Municipality of Buštěhrad Urban Chronicle Cops memorials Studio-cafe and wine bar Krocehlavy Cultural Thursdays in Krocehlavy Painter Bohuslav Valenta ... arrows 

Jiří Pitín (1942)

a child from Lidice born April 23, 1942 in Lidice his father was hiding after the Lidice tragedy, later caught and executed. his mother died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. brought up in the infant care institute in Prague-Krč photographed and filmed ... arrows 

Ing. Dobromil Podpěra (1932 - 2017)

Born on May 24, 1932, in Neprobylice Originates in an ancient yeoman family Everyday village life Graduated from the Slaný grammar school in 1950 Their farm was collectivized, the family was persecuted and forcibly moved Served in the PTP Battalions ... arrows 

Ing. Věra Poláková (1930)

she was born on April 17th 1930 in Prague as Věra Ganzová she comes from a well educated assimilated Jewish family her father, Leo, participated in a resistance organization; shortly after the beginning of the war he was arrested and imprisoned in Petschek palace ... arrows 

Jaromír Randák (1919) video clip available

he was born in the mill at Jirkalov near Stachy in Šumava on May 8th, 1919 coexistence of the Czechs and Germans during the period of the First Republic occupation of the country by the Nazis in September 1938 and in March 1939 he spent most of the war as a ... arrows 

Veronika (Věra) Rýmonová (1942)

born on the 22nd of January, 1942 in Kladno a child from Lidice her mother survived Ravensbrück concentration camp after the war, moved to the new Lidice member of the Pioneer Youth Organisation worked at the Barrandov film studios witnessed the ... arrows 

Ivo Středa (1927)

born on April 27th 1927, in Košice, Slovakia moved to Kladno in April 1939 due to the resettlement of Czech intelligence by the authorities of a new-born separatist state of Slovakia witness of Hungarian air raid on Slovak military airport in Spišská Nová Ves ... arrows 

Milada Šimčíková (1900 - 1989)

born 1900 in Střítež the death of emperor Franz Joseph teacher in the Moravian Wallachia region evangelical church in Wallachia the last pupil of singer Ema Destinnová František Křižík Czechs from Vienna anti-Nazi resistance in the organization Defence ... arrows 



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