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27. 5. 1942 - Assassination of R. Heydrich

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6330)

List of witnesses

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Libuše Hiemerová (1925) video clip available

Born in 1925 in Olomouc Her brother František Dostál fled to England in 1939 and became a pilot of the 311th Czechoslovak bomber squadron. He died on April 24, 1943 in the Bay of Solway The family members were arrested in the course of the Operation E ... arrows 

Ing. Jaroslav Hnátek (1925)

born July 1, 1925 in Slaný his father Antonín, director of the Palaba factory, and close friend of its owner Jaroslav Jan Pála June 24, 1942 family friend JUDr. Haken arrested JUDr. Haken executed in 1942 in Kobylisy Antonín Hnátek arrested by the Gestapo on ... arrows 

Ing. Jiří Hold (1923)

born in 1923 mother was the daughter of Ing. Janeček (founder of the Jawa motorcycle factory) his father was a doctor of law, working as a public servant 1932 Jiří became a member of the boy scouts club in Třebechovice, in 1933 joined the 5th troop of water ... arrows 

Jan Holík (1924) video clip available

born May 15, 1924 in Vlašim probably a descendant of the medieval noble family of Holík forced labour in Leipzig in Germany working as a sailor in river navigation during the war and after the war working as a labourer, making marine ropes ... arrows 

Vladimír Holman (1929)

born May 12, 1929 in Osek, moved to Žebrák, and eventually to Prague-Libeň before the war stayed with his parents in the Orlické Mountains where his father was working on the construction of border fortiofications 1938 participant in the all-Sokol rally spent ... arrows 

Irena Holoubková (1928) video clip available

born September 29, 1928 one of her ancestors was the Czech botanist, doctor, globetrotter and discoverer Tadeáš Haenke her brother Josef Henke is a director in 1950 to 1971 member of the Communist Party in 1948 to 1970 alternately working as a reporter for ... arrows 

Ing. Rudolf Jan Holý (1921)

born September 22, 1921 in Ústí nad Labem-Střekov as a child he was a member of Boy Scouts – meetings of the association, field training, mobilization had to leave the Sudeten region after the rise of Hitler to power study at the Trade Academy in Resslova ... arrows 

Ing. Jindřich Homolka (1931) video clip available

born on 26th March 1931 in Hrušovany witnessed the arrival of Cossak units of the Red Army in 1945 after the war he studied at a real gymnasium in Brno between the years 1950 and 1952 he studied at the VUT in Brno between the years 1952 and 1955 he studied at ... arrows 

Ladislav Hošek (1924)

born August 4, 1924 in Čkyně, in the Vimperk region shortly after his birth the family moved to Strakonice 1942 completed a three-year vocational trade school studied a school for display-designers in Prague and began studying a trade school, from which he ... arrows 

academic painter Josef Hošna (1926)

1926 born in Brloh 1942–1945 studied to become a porcelain painter in České Budějovice 1946–1947 and 1949–1951 work in the porcelain factory in Nová Role 1948–1949 army service 1952–1057 study at AVU in the studio of professor Vratislav Nechleba 1958 ... arrows 



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